Car maintenance oil change light on it? Older drivers: Do not know silly, it Is also important 4

vehicle maintenance and oil change light can? Older drivers: Do not silly do not know, four Is also very important

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with the continuous improvement of per capita income, the head of people’s living standard Is getting better and better, a lot of people have entered the ranks of the well-off family, so have many prohibitive luxuries have become a reality, the Car Is one of the very representatives an example of. However, there Is an old saying that goes: buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult, I believe that on thIs point there are a lot of Car owners all agree with, especially in the latter part of the maintenance it, if not pay attention a little bit, equivalent to indirect Car crash. But for many of my friends who, they believe that Car maintenance Is to change the oil, in fact, thIs idea Is wrong, older drivers: Do not be silly do not know, four Is also very important!

Replace the spark plug

Automotive spark plug Is a very humble small parts, but thIs Is not a from the eyes of small parts, it Is an essential part of a Car, if not its exIstence, wants normal Car ignition Is successful, it Is almost impossible, but a lot of people do not know Is that in a normal Car the process of moving, still in a state of spark plugs also work, so it Is more important for its conservation. So when our Car after driving for some time, it Is best to check thIs area if the situation oxidation occurs must be promptly replaced.

Air Filter


As long as understand the Car knows the Car three filter, and wherein the most important thing in terms of engine air filter, because the engine in the Car belonging to the “heart” like exIstence, if it Is a problem, then the Car just as the general scrapped, but the biggest effect of the engine air filter Is clean the air impurities, if it clogging thIs case, the engine Will lack the necessary internal air, thus affecting the normal use of the engine.

The various oil View

as the beginning Xiao Bian said, many of my friends for the maintenance of the Car stop at the aspect of engine oil change, in fact, in a Car, there Is a lot of need to replace the fluid in, in addition to the engine oil needs attention outside, local transmIssion oil, brake fluid Is to be noted, their presence from the largely ensure the normal operation of the Car, if not pay attention to replace or add to these fluids, but also make frequent Car trouble, so you more harm than good. Replace the

brake pads

The importance of thIs light you can feel from the name came out, after all we ride the brake Is to protect the safety of personnel of the base system, if it Is a problem for our security in life Is quite dangerous, but the most critical Is the maintenance of the brakes, after all, every time we conduct brakes when thIs operation, the brake pads Will be a certain degree of wear, braking dIstances suddenly feel those long friends, you should see if it Is a problem in thIs regard, the early replacement Is the best protection for us.

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