Car maintenance oil change do not know, these four places have to check, but unfortunately many people do not know

Car Care do not know an oil change, four places have to check, but unfortunately many people do not know! Well now living conditions, more and more people have purchased a Car after Car to have our lives adds a lot of convenience, but in fact many drivers are simply friends to drive, but do not know the Car Is also a need to do maintenance on time of. For what time do general maintenance, 4s shop are the final say, the majority of novice drivers Is not clear, when it comes to know a little of the Car driver, also did not know the Car needs an oil change on time, then what are things on the Car require regular maintenance to replace it?

after we went to the Car to do maintenance when we would choose to go to 4s shops that 4s shop to do maintenance more secure lives we can see some people directly to the Car 4s shop staff for the easy way, in fact, the Car during maintenance, they also need to replace some Auto parts, give you today it Is to share the Car during maintenance when the need to check these main parts .

The first one Is the brake for oil, the maintenance of the Car when we think of most Is to give the Car an oil change, but often ignored Car brake-specific oil Is also a need to replace the brake oil, mainly used to make brake hydraulic brake assIst, brake fluid has a drawback that brake fluid absorbs water easily, if prolonged use Will have a lot of moIsture in the brake fluid, so that the brakes It Will cause a great impact.

The second brake wheel cylinder. For the Car thIs accessory may not be familiar to most people, since thIs accessory Is usually in contact with the body of water, sand and the like, so it Is likely to cause wear and tear, brake wheel cylinder for traveling 20,000 kilometers in the Car when he needs to be replaced once or maintenance time, or else can make a big impact on the Car’s fuel consumption.

The third section Is upon speed and the like. Many people are not familiar with thIs accessory, but when it comes to Cage sets everyone to know, that white Is used to protect the rubber sleeve cage, thIs accessory Is mainly to prevent because there are lubricants, lubricating oil so after a long time it Will also make it dIsappear the Car we produce abnormal sound.

The fourth place Is the spark plugs, spark plug thIs with everyone Is very familiar with, the main role Is to spark plug, in Cars with 3 to 100,000 km need to be replaced, and spark plug when maintenance went to ah, to observe, to see if the spark plugs need to be replaced, these are the parts that need it in the Car maintenance time, hoping to help you.