Car maintenance of these three little common sense, you know a few quick look

With the Car people Will really appreciate, “buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult” really means, especially in the Car such as love hIs wife as the faithful Car. More contributions are a lot of thought to Care for their “bit” of. But each of the components of the Car also has a service life Will be different because life Will be greatly different brand you buy a Car, but in fact Is a difference of no where to go. Here we talk about the need to replace the maintenance Car parts in the end at what time yet.

(1) Add oil better than

Oil Cadogan , the engine would produce harm, pressure, washed out crankshaft oil seal, causing leakage, black smoke, temperature, and oil into the cylinder combustion, black gum, can damage the cylinder. Regardless of adding too much oil or too little oil Will affect the mechanical, so in strict accordance with the required standards should be routine refueling machine to refuel, come to reduce the incidence of mechanical failure.

(2) periodic oil change in the Automotive oil, like oil, it must be periodically replaced, such as brake oil, brake oil Is one of the most easily overlooked riders maintenance item, brake fluid Is actually transferred braking pressure in the brake system a liquid medium, having an energy transfer, heat, corrosion and rust and a lubricating function, brake oil under normal circumstances, each 4-5 ten thousand kilometers or replaced every two years, if not long-term replacement of brake fluid can cause moIsture increases, the braking effect Is reduced, in particular, often run mountain Car, be sure to regularly replace the brake fluid.

does not need to clean up the inside (3) 30,000 km of coke coke in every Car Will have, because it Is inevitable, but how much difference coke only. Coke more Will change the structure of the original parameters of the engine, reducing engine power, increased fuel consumption; also cause severe engine knock, to accelerate the abnormal sound, causing damage to the pIstons and crankshaft. Layers of soot accumulation, getting thick that the vicious circle, in serious cases Will clog the intake valve half, eventually leading to the engine burning oil so that the cylinder requires overhaul of Carbon cleaning Is necessary, that How long cylinder of Carbon deposition cleaning once? Generally 4s shop owners would recommend every 1Ten thousand kilometers maintenance time, the owner can own driving conditions, if long-term driving on high speed, it can be extended to 3-4 million kilometers. Produced by the engine sludge and Carbon deposits Will reduce the efficiency of the engine, because the engine long-term work at high temperature and pressure, used Car thIs Car for a certain age, it Is very necessary. But the 30,000 km new Car Is not really necessary to clean up Carbon deposits.