Car maintenance of these areas, the owner must pay attention

believe that many drivers during vehicle maintenance or repair of the time, people have experienced vehicle service complaints worth Tucao things. For instance, some poor service attitude, efficiency Is very low maintenance, and replacement of parts much longer than the specified time. With the exposure of 315, and now the domestic Auto repair shops, 4s shop a lot of good after-sales service than before, the maintenance program Is also standardized a lot, but still there are some problems in the repair and maintenance industry, these Issues deserve our repair or maintenance when the Car Note:

First, the Car Care accessories false use of

may be the problem for a lot of 4s shop Will appear, the most common Is the vehicle for oil. We may change when our vehicle maintenance oil needs only three liters, but when maintenance, service advIser Will sell us four liters, the extra part, was that they ate rebate. So for oil middle of transmIssion of the dIsease it Is great.

There are a lot of Car maintenance personnel Will be secretly kept some zero, and sometimes in order to use the next, and some people to change hands selling. So be sure the drivers and friends to Carry out maintenance in the 4s shop or garage, and must pay attention to the amount of oil usage and lower parts.

Second, the bundled sell additional maintenance packages

In recent years, the development of our domestic Automotive market Is very fast slowly appeared saturated, Car dealers their competition Is great for dealers, the profit Is getting lower and lower, so for aftermarket Car into the main aspects of 4s shop profitability. And thIs additional package came into being Carried out, such as cleaning the Car on the engine, brake system for conservation, a hydroxide in addition to Carbon, the maintenance of sound on very large, but in fact, the role Is not large, and the price Is very high .

Third, the maintenance of operational procedures to reduce

Many Car owners in order to go to the repair shop for repair or maintenance, to save time Will make them a little faster, and there are many driversNot too temper, because of the long time away their complaints. 4s shop for more profits, accelerate the repair time, so profits Will increase, thIs Will cause some reduced service and maintenance operations have been reduced. So many drivers suffered losses. In the summer, many drivers Will wash tank own vehicle for such an operation to correct the water tank Is removable for cleaning. But in order to save Is a simple cleaning.

Fourth, some parts not only for repair to the old charge

may not be exchanged for some parts only the purpose Is a common way to repair many of the Auto repair shop can do so in order to earn. Middle profit spirit sword, but it can also reach some of the manufacturers warranty requirements, if it Is to repair damaged places. Get the warranty Will be rejected when some manufacturers? If not the key component of the vehicle, we want to fix, then you can go now regular repair shop for processing.

For many owners in thIs regard we are not very understanding, if we encountered a very urgent, very big problem to understand the Car to look for friends to find out .