Car maintenance of several major errors, you made a few quick look!

Car now in the community can be said to be very common, and many people say the Car Is a man’s second wife, we can see that the degree of love for Cars ah! In order to protect the beloved Car, many people Will especially focus on Car Care and maintenance. But you know what? Car maintenance Is a luxurious, blindly wrong maintenance not only can not play a role in the maintenance of the Car, the opposite also affect the life of the vehicle, which Is really worth the ah! Then the next several small series gave you the wrong maintenance methods it!


exposure to the Car wash cold water bath. After the summer Is exposure vehicles, some owners give the Car a shower bath water, they blindly believe thIs allows vehicle rapid cooling. But in fact, after a shower, the Car after the exposure, the temperature of the paint surface and the engine are high, thermal expansion and contraction Will shorten the life of the paint, gradually lose their luster, so that often rushed to the Car, “cold shower” final Will lead paint chapped, peeling. So we still do not blind to the Car showers water bath.

on the left foot has been stepped on the clutch, the clutch plate wear faster. The Car’s clutch plate Is always very easy to wear, and even complained that the 4S shop with the bad parts.

When asked in detail about after the dIscovery, some drivers while driving has always used hIs left foot to step on the clutch, believing it can better control the vehicle, but in fact thIs way of clutch plates great damage, especially when running high-speed, long half-clutch state of clutch plates Will quickly wear.

So remind you, do not habitually half step on the clutch, while the second gear start approach Will also lead to premature failure of the clutch, a block off Is the most correct way.

Therefore, Xiao Bian here suggest that you do not blindly take some unscientific way of maintenance, routine maintenance or to choose something a bit more professional place to go, so as not more harm than good to bad, or you can go learn a science Car maintenance knowledge. You feel it? Welcome to Message DIscussion oh