Car maintenance of several major errors, you know?

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REVIEW: Car maintenance of several major errors, you know?

love Cars, love life, Hello everyone my brother Is V, the rapid development of modern science and technology, the Car has been known as an indIspensable tool for everyone to travel, and now we also found that private Car Is more and more, since most of us have bought a Car, then you Car maintenance knowledge to know how much? a lot of people are very spoiled their Car, so it Will often Care of their Car. So you really know how the proper Care of their Car do? Several do not blind to hIs Car chaos maintenance, otherwIse it Will be counterproductive effect of making the life of your Car greatly shortened, the next Xiaobian to talk to you about Car maintenance mIsunderstanding it, if you’ve done the future must change ah!

The first Is the first maintenance time, many of my friends just bought back in the Car because the Car did not take long eager to urgently to take Care of hIs Car. In fact, thIs approach Is wrong, not the more you Care, the more good for the Car. Especially in the maintenance of the Car first time, basically it Will dIsplay the first Car to maintenance of time in the Car maintenance manuals, just follow the above maintenance time on it. ThIs Will not only be able to properly Care for your Car, but also to save yourself a lot of maintenance costs too!

The second Is waxing, we all know that waxing can make their Car became very shiny, but also protect the paint on the Car to make it look like and buy new. Indeed, if knowledge can also occasionally play once, you can indeed play a role in protecting the Car, but if you frequent waxing, then the result Will not be like thIs. In fact, how many times has waxed and area you live are related, such as those on rainfall in many areas can play a few more appropriate of wax, because rainwater contains large amounts of acidic substances, which contain wax large amounts of alkaline substances, since so just play and the role; but for those less rainfall in the region Is not the case, they use those best stain removal performance comparIsonStrong reagents waxing on it, but not necessary to play so often.

The third Is the choice of the cooling liquid. Some of my friends do not understand or because of other reasons other choice Will be chaos coolant, and some even to be cheap also coolant others brought their own use, these practices are very wrong. Although it looks the same as all the coolant, but different brands, the chemical composition of the coolant different prices are different, there are components in which the preservative Is vastly different. If so blindly indIscriminate use, it would make their aging vehicles, greatly accelerate the speed of the damage. Some friends also takes a long time because of the Car, so we put all kinds of oil and liquid required on Cars are trying to fill. But we should know that not everything Is better, and then add a variety of oil and liquid when applied also follow the prompts on the maintenance manual on it, all without pay more, or on each reservoir the tank has a tick, we can also add in accordance with the mark.

The fourth Is to replace the three filters together, a lot of Car owners think Car with a long time, then the Car idling Will become very slow, then down Is immediately open to some of the 4S shop which wants to replace the three filters, as long as the replacement of the three filters Cars idling on slow problem does not occur in a moving time. However, small series to tell you Is, in fact, did not need to replace the three filters together. We just need a good reading suggestions on maintenance manual, and Is based on the local weather conditions for the timely replacement cycle adjustments like to see suggestions above mileage.

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