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Car maintenance even the best, if these things did not go good check and replace, basically just did the same maintenance.

Vehicle Inspection – oil filter

oil filters play a major role in the engine oil filter, Car oil Is used to lubricate the engine, but there Is a lifetime limit of oil reaches a certain situation performance Will decline, and then have some impurities, oil filters Is in the filtration of these impurities.

General oil Is recommended 5000-20000 km for once, the need to see your engine oil level and usage. If the oil if too long, it may not Carry oil filter. So we need to detect oil in the current conditions. If necessary, within a maintenance cycle oil, need to check and replace the oil filter two or three times.

Vehicle Inspection – brake cylinder

thIs component Is rarely noticed, in addition to doing general maintenance of the project four classes have to move him, or no one to manage hIs life and death, but also talk about special Care of it.

brake wheel cylinders Is actually very important, he Is responsible for the implementation of your feet on the brakes. But the brake wheel cylinder Is an active firmware, if we do not do Car safety testing, then one day into the mud stains rusty wheel cylinders, brake failure and out of a Car trouble or something in front of you, no matter how tire maintenance, spend the best brakeCar sheet did not use eggs.

Moreover, thIs stuff Is completely maintenance, not each time need to be replaced, such Car maintenance costs too. We do brake wheel cylinder Car maintenance, basically it can, after all, our aim Is to reduce Dong Daozi really have Car trouble.

Vehicle Inspection – spark plugs

we all know the importance of the spark plug, spark plug problems, there Is no way to start the Car. And Is part of a spark plug consumables, under normal circumstances, a spark plug can be used 20,000 kilometers to 150,000 kilometers, the actual mileage Is determined based on usage and quality spark plug. From Car maintenance side, the spark plug before maintenance in addition to a ripped out the examination outside, usually to be replaced.

I have come into contact with a case Is spark plug aging particularly serious, direct impact on the voltage of the Car . Voltage and affects some of the monitoring threshold trip computer, causing the engine computer mIsCarriage of justice. The ECU within the set threshold, constantly adjusting the valve opening degree to a desired correction voltage generator, but thIs Is not the fault of the generator. Finally, the direct light on the dashboard of a lot of trouble light, and the throttle with severe Carbon deposition within the cylinder, the jitter causes a period of operation of the cylinder a slight strain.

Vehicle Inspection – tire condition

to recall now, before seen a lot of tires, up seven or eight times, or in order to save money cheap tires, or tires have been used in the cracking of aging dare to go on a high-speed run. Really admire these people are bold, life Is good. If thIs was what happened, the scourge can own more than one Car life ah, there are other traffic participants on the road.

from the property, the Car Is well maintained, Is not just for themselves, but also indirectly for other road traffic participants. So proper Car maintenance and regular checks, Is very necessary.

Finally, we still have to fix a time for vehicle inspection, good Car maintenance work. If their lack of ability, you can also find professional help Automotive service technician check, especially family travel long dIstance trip. Of course, not enough time to drive to Carry out vehicle maintenance, you can also find some acceptable site service Auto repair technicians, allowing them to help Carry out vehicle inspection, identify potential Car trouble.

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