Car maintenance most likely to ignore a few! do you know?

Cars become everyone’s necessities.

Car, now Is the people’s lives in an essential means of transport, but at the same time enjoy quick and easy it Is to bring in people, but also with Car give us convenience. Many Car owners lack of knowledge areas, maybe spend some believe it Will cause their own expense, so that the Car Is not only an injury, so in our daily lives when Car. Many owners often some loss of five kinds of Car habit, if not Careful, the Car might be an early retirement. Next, let’s take a look Come, these driving habits need to be corrected it.

Car engine oil replacement.

In general, people do not understand Car repair shop Will be used in accordance with the master, then do what they say with what to use. But such people have to remember one thing, that must use oil genuine, absolutely do not add fake oil.

If ignored

a replacement for oil has changed, thereby causing the moving parts of the engine Is always operating in an environment with poor lubrication , thereby speeding up the damage to the various parts. Light then cause gear lock no way linked into forward gear, can cause serious engine damage or even scrapped. Shall know chemIstry and understanding, the different chemicals are mixed in a fast, it Is very susceptible to chemical reactions, which also Is likely to cause more serious damage to the engine.

Automotive air conditioner filter replacement.

Many people often do not like the air conditioner filter vehicle maintenance in the store, on the grounds that the price Is quite high, but it Will only be their own general maintenance Car repair shop when Change the oil at the expense of air filters, oil filters these things. In addition to the owner’s driving habits Will also affect the speed of the Car to generate coke, speed Is too low in many owners of time into the file (so-called lugging), cause the engine always operates at a relatively low speed, resulting into anti-gas jet Is easier to form coke. Resulting in engine power underReduction, noIse increases directly or scrapped, and serious smoke exhaust. With air conditioning start getting hot weather, many owners have begun to use air conditioning, the situation also appears to start with air conditioning while driving, but to do so Will make the engine a long time in a state of high-speed operation, the engine Will be in a high load operation, causing engine wear easily aggravated.

forming an Automotive coke.

In fact the Car Is idling long-term problem, we have said before. And like driving in the city, causing traffic jams and traffic lights or during long idle stop and go, often within a short driving dIstance, as well as the owners of the winter, vehicle owners generally Will choose to warm up, but at the same time Is the fuel consumption to increase significantly, in other words, the Car Is always running at idle, the gasoline Is not completely burned, the costs of oil Will result in engine deposits, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Car just started the wrong way on the air conditioning.

we look at many Car owners the wrong way. In the course of the summer use of the Car, a Car started immediately turn on the air. Many owners start the Car in an enclosed space, ignoring the effects of engine exhaust gas dIscharged. When the engine temperature Is too high or too low Will cause increased wear, power loss and other phenomena, but for a long time thIs Is the case, then the Car’s power declined, very easy to damage the engine, or even directly scrapped. The best way Is just entering the Car after the owner, while many people think it Will be very cool air conditioning, driving through the flow of air inside and outside to reduce the inside temperature, then turn on the air after cooling. Do the performance of the engine at a higher speed operation, thIs Will reduce the life cycle of the engine and air conditioning compressors for Automotive air conditioning when lifting off the air conditioning as much as possible at low speed, a traffic jam. Many inexperienced novice when driving, the steering wheel Will be used to kill, thinking that it would be beneficial if the driver quickly parked the Car. Many owners should have thIs habit, after a flameout if not off the air conditioner, Automobile air conditioning Will cause great damage. There are many such driving habits Is, in fact, for the Car Will always cause the corresponding damageof.

not parked Car hung wrongdoing reverse gear. Car not parked hung reverse, some Car owners to save time not yet complete stop hanging reverse gear, and then began to reverse, even in forward Shihai did not stop in a hurry r block the transmIssion from shifting, many drivers are in fact the exIstence of such habits. Do not windy dress to the Car when it rains, some of the Car owners have to put on a garment habit of hope with the garment to reduce the harm caused by the external environment on the surface of the Car. No parked reverse gear, thIs Is almost a common problem for many people, an emergency U-turn in the Car or grab a parking space it Is often happen, the consequences of thIs habit Is caused by damage to the transmIssion gear accelerated, shortening the life of the gearbox, for Automatic transmIssion it Is fatal. small to give recommendations for Car owners.

these bad driving habits that Will let you drive a Car Is fairly easy many unstable factors emerge, even though many of us are accustomed to. For Car maintenance, many people just stay in clean, but do not know a lot of bad driving habits Will cause great damage to the Car, so we normally pay more attention to conservation knowledge of Automotive parts, not only to better protect themselves Car, but also in the maintenance of time, to avoid a lot of pit