Car maintenance most easily overlooked three points, you pay attention to it?

Car Care:

Simple point Is regular inspection of Automotive parts.

For example: replace the air filter, replacing the oil filter, replacing the oil and the like!

Its purpose Is to keep the Car clean and tidy, the technical condition of normal

to eliminate rIsks, prevention of failure,

slow degradation processes, extend the life cycle.

Perhaps you are well aware of the routine maintenance of the Car,

However, there are many Car maintenance we tend to overlook the point.

you know?

Today, we’ll talk about:

in the maintenance of those easily overlooked Car maintenance!

summer north owners must have seen catkins flying scenes.

have to go out wearing masks,

Similarly, if the Car Is in the net and into the dust more catkins ,

Will directly affect the cooling of the vehicle.

Therefore, in thIs season may add a safety net to net,

there are a lot of treasure.

A lot of people

for the maintenance of tires in vehicle maintenance seldom Care about the time,

for example, tire wear, tire pressure,

123] Will be required if the wheel alignment [.

However, the onlyBut all year round regardless of the spare tire,

If the spare tire could talk’ll call you in the trunk.

First of all, Why Is equipped with a spare tire manufacturers,

Is to be used in an emergency when the

but you know,

tire prolonged use Will not leak.

or else when you need to find a spare tire no gas, Shuangwai!

Of course, we also want everyone to have no access to the spare tire of the vehicle.

Further, as far as possible to ensure that the spare tire pressure between 2.2bar-2.5bar,

As the engine ” throat “throttle,

If the contamination can directly lead to an increase in engine fuel consumption,

hard acceleration response lag,

Is like the mouth of a person blindfolded,

you have to quickly run a similar reason.

it Is important to clean the throttle.

years than the long-term models:

First, no matter what consumables,

Over time it Will aging.

Of course, Auto parts, too,

For example: the footbed machine engine,

between the part pieces and the like.

are necessary to look it up in our maintenance time,

look at, it Is necessary to change have to change.

In addition, for a time long Car

The most important thing Is the line of aging,

because of aging lines,

may have a direct impact on life safety.

so the age of the vehicle long vehicle age,

in the maintenance of the time,

examining the line Is still very necessary,

written in the last:

and vehicle maintenance Is not a simple oil change, filters, brake fluid and so on!

In fact, we have a lot of parts necessary to check and see.

because it may lead us to neglect some property damage.