Car maintenance most easily overlooked six places, you know a few?

so long to buy a Car on Car maintenance and owners of closely related things, but many owners still in the novice even though, the maintenance of the Car Is not very understanding, some people think that maintenance Is a change of engine oil only. Some people also know that checking tire pressure, nothing more. But not just Care so little of it. But Car maintenance as are many of the very few places maintenance of vehicles most likely to ignore absolutely can not be ignored! do you know?

1, Automobile paint

Cars in the summer sun baked the state, which Will make the Car paint has been seriously damaged, oxidation damage, Car paint gloss Will gradually dim. Autumn larger temperature difference between morning and evening, parked outside in the vehicle body often have dew, if the body can cause scratches then scratched rust. Depending on the condition of paint to choose waxing or paint plated crystal and other maintenance of paint Care service! We suggest that owners regularly waxing the Car, extend the life of the paint to prevent paint damage.

2, brake dIscs

mutual friction brakes and brake pads, two members Will cause some wear but many Car owners when to do maintenance only replace the brake pads while ignoring the brakes. Brake dIscs excessive wear Will also have serious consequences for road safety. Since the surface flatness brakes reduces the actual contact area Is small, it can result in insufficient braking power. In addition, worn brake dIsc temperature Will rIse rapidly, likely to cause thermal recession. All of these actions in a moving way Is very dangerous.

3, Automotive sealing tape

Many of the Automotive sealing strip maintenance not paid much attention, never even considered it for maintenance. But do not underestimate these strips. Because the body Is not only decorative but also plays an important role in sealed compartment. So if these aging crack sealing strip, then the Car would be water and dust and noIse effects have a significant impact.

4, chassIs

Cars often the case with the road flying stone chipping often a chassIs, the chassIs original rust-preventive layerIt Will gradually be destroyed, exposing the inner metal. Further chassIs regular contact easy to fouling, and often through the water surface, the chassIs also may be corroded. ChassIs damage would further threaten the normal use of other components, such as: steering damage, oil spills, chassIs deformation, loosening the overall framework, to drive the Car of a security rIsk. It Is necessary to do maintenance on the vehicle chassIs.

5, vehicle battery power

battery low temperature Is “sensitive”, in a low temperature environment, when normal power than the battery capacity Is low capacity at low temperatures. If you are may one day suddenly “strike” in the cold north, then the battery, it Will cause some embarrassing scenes.

6, exhaust pipes

should be checked periodically bottom of the vehicle exhaust pipe, check trauma, exhaust pipe rupture, as if it should be repaired immediately to avoid affecting vehicle. Found that the exhaust pipe abnormal sound when driving, the exhaust pipe should be fixed screw loose, should be approaching reinforcement repair shop, in order to avoid more serious.