Car maintenance most easily overlooked several places, to refrain from negligence! Were you infected?

As long as there Car, and the owner Is so closely related to the maintenance of things, but because many novice drivers on the road, so do not understand, that Is the main engine maintenance, including oil changes or something, and some people know to pay attention check the tires, which are already fairly advanced type player, and large repairs, Car washes trail are many owners are cored. But even so, there are many places owners can not see, thus ignoring the vulnerable parts of maintenance, vehicle maintenance several places the most overlooked and must not negligence! Were you infected?

spark plug, the spark plug can be divided into ordinary type Copper, yttrium, gold, platinum, iridium, platinum-iridium alloy spark plug, the spark plug of a different type, using life varies, ranging from 3-10 thousand kilometers. Excellent performance spark plugs related to Car, or even save gas for the Car, so the spark plug maintenance Is necessary, should check the spark plug gap coke and regularly, if the seal oil leakage phenomenon may be a problem that the shock absorber , if the shock absorber problem, the braking dIstance becomes longer while driving comfort Will be deteriorated.

novice might think that chassIs armor on the vehicle chassIs armor coat layer, Is not the case. In fact, as the chassIs armor chassIs Is sprayed on the surface of glial special elastic material to withstand natural erosion, a lot of Cars looking appearance looked pretty, but the chassIs Is already rusting. The main reason Is the cause of thIs summer, the ground temperature, the baking of the chassIs, coupled with the rain moIsture, a long time Will naturally erode bottom of the vehicle, so that the Car accelerated aging, chassIs and vehicle owners to ensure the security, once rust corrosion , the overall structure Is often easy to loose, a security rIsk, a lot of traffic accidents caused by loose chassIs. Therefore, preventive measures, to be a Car chassIs armor Is essential.

maintenance of the instrument panel, interior of the Car Is a very important part of every driver Will directly face of the instrument panel, directly affect its cleanliness Will the occupant vIsual perception of the overall effect of the Car interior environment. For many people, clean dashboard Is simply a nightmare, if you’re still just a Virgo, it Is simply the collapse of the rhythm, to take on such a plus screwdriver TouguoWet wipes, very small cracks can use a toothpick or a needle wrapped in wet paper towels to clean up. Doing so both can be thoroughly cleaned to avoid damage to the dashboard hard objects.