Car maintenance learning more, 99% of people do not know

Qingming small holiday Is coming, and many owners have travel plans to travel with hIs family.

before the whole family to enjoy the joy of the holiday at , you have to kind of remind owners: the spring and summer Is the peak of the Car, be sure to pay attention to your Car in a timely manner maintenance ah!

As the saying goes, one-third by the Car repair, seven by raIsing! Although the vast majority of Car owners have realized the importance of vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance, but on common sense Will make some mIstakes, and now let’s look at these Rundong take you stepped on a minefield you have not ?

a minefield: Car wash

Many owners prefer to wash in sunny weather under the hot sun glare, especially the high noon sun according to the time. In their mind, thIs period of high temperatures, good sunlight, after the Car in favor of fast dry cleaning.

In fact, thIs Is wrong, the washing in the hot sun, a convex lens effect causes water droplets formed by the uppermost layer of paint local high temperatures generated. Over time, not only Will lose luster paint, Automobile engine Will be premature aging. If the selected time waxing, are likely to cause color unevenness of the vehicle body.

Rundong Tip: waxing Car wash Is preferably conducted under conditions of shelter, or Is selected from the cloudy or sunny morning the evening performed. If the paint problems and need Buxiu, be sure to remember to 4S shop.

mined II: bolt tight as possible

bolts, nuts, fasteners on the coupling of many

Cars, many people like to try to tighten some engineers asked when repairing a Car.

In fact, thIs concept Is wrong. Adequate preload Is necessary, but over tighten Sometimes it Is counterproductive, such as thermal expansion and contraction of the metal, causing the screw deformation phenomena. Further, depending on the diameter, pitch and use, parts of Automobiles which the respective bolt tightening torque Is different.

Rundong Tip: prior to each of the fastening members, it Is necessary to grasp the tightening torque of each bolt, the wheel bolts for example, family Car tires usually bolt tightening torque at 100 ~ between 130N ยท m, 4S shop with a professional torque wrench, for the Car to provide professional maintenance services.

minefield Three: mix different brands of oil

people are hate the old animals, in a brand of motor oil Time long, a lot of people moving from the idea to replace other brands.

As everyone knows, the type and level of oil vIscosity, although substantially the same, but different brands of lubricant component Will be different, if the oil mixture, and the lubricant may cause chemical reactions occur, unexpected things may happen.

Rundong Tip: When replacing the new oil, the old oil should be pumped clean and all, the best way Is to use the new oil rinse system, and then inject the new oil. Do not forget thIs step Is an important step Oh! Original oil, the original building, and models match, strong lubrication, provide the most intimate Care for the Car.

mined four: the higher the better grade gasoline

Many owners prefer to use a high-standard oil. In fact, gasoline label Is not better, even luxury Car does not mean you must heightened standard oil. Currently on the market there are 90,93,97 gasoline and other labels, these figures represent octane gasoline, which Is representative of antiknock gasoline, regardless of clean gasoline, to improve the performance and extend the life of not much help.

If the long-term low-grade premium gasoline Car, in addition to knocking, it Will also generate such power drop, increased fuel consumption, engine damage to internal parts, which seriously shorten the life of the engine .

Rundong Tip: The higher the grade of gasoline Is not possible, use a Car matching the recommended gasoline. Oil clean-up Car, please remember to 4S shop maintenance services.

minefield five: maintenance of spare parts purchased online

Many riders prefer to buy Car parts from the Internet, asked Why, first think of online shopping has a price advantage, the second Is more convenient, you can choose your own brand of spare parts. However, the Car as a very sophIsticated product, each of the component parts of the vehicle Is small, but each part plays an important role, no matter which parts to go wrong, often affect the situation as a whole, it Will affect the Car experience and safety.

while net purchases of spare parts are a lot of fake and shoddy products and counterfeit spare parts often do not have quality assurance, can easily lead to vehicle breakdown, vehicle parts and components caused irreversible damage caused by the owner and safety threats, users often need to spend more time, effort and expense for fault repair.

Rundong Tip: refusal in the daily maintenance Is no quality assurance of counterfeit spare parts, spare parts say out loud to the poor quality, Careful Care of your Car, enjoy the best driving experience. If you need to go to the 4S shop for parts to repair.

better than one, as the same strain. 4S sale Most insIst on using original parts, accessories production Carried out according to brand model parameters, whether Car or Car body parts are precIsion manufactured according to the characterIstics of model parameters, and to provide an international standard of technicians and equipment, every detail adjustment Will make your next trip more confident. Of course, the repair shop also has a unique advantage, but in terms of expertIse, spare parts and certainly not as good as most of the 4S shop, which depends on the choice of everyone.