Car maintenance knowledge you understand about it?

Automotive night vIsion system Is also a function of a new beginning, thIs feature can greatly facilitate our nighttime driving safety, but our Car maintenance time and pay attention to maintenance of night vIsion, basic ten thousand kilometers to maintain it

now the Car engine Is already very advanced, but we must also be checked regularly, do to protect the Car without water and no shortage of oil, while ensuring their Car water temperature Is normal, we have to be strict, and strictly controlled.

when you have a good driving habits, depend on your Car’s water temperature, if our Car dIsplay, the water temperature Is too high, should be adjusted in time when we drive otherwIse the oil Will become mushy suffering, so if your Car engine Is almost hopeless

in peacetime we should from time to time clean up once their Car engine filter device, but also to ensure their Car engine, high-speed operation Is not a long time, but we have to develop the Car warm-up before starting the habit, thIs habit of engine have direct benefits

we usually parked their Car, try to avoid direct exposure to the sun, because the sun’s rays, then your Car Will be irradiated question, the paint Will slowly fall off, suggest that you prepare a cover as well, so the Car can be protected

we need to have a Car wash on a regular basIs good habits, because in order to brand new Car, then you need a regular Car wash, we want Car thorough cleaning inside and out, but remember not absolutely clean alkaline washing liquid, because then Will accelerate the oxidation of the surface of the paint.