Car maintenance knowledge, you know how much? Remember the following six collections!

1, maintenance of an Automobile engine

Automobile engine to the clean-up at the right time. Since the long-term Will generate a thick layer of Carbon on the surface layer of a diesel engine, and thus Carry a large diesel engine etched vulcanized rubber member.

2, gas and water Is necessary to avoid volatilization

in the case in summer, relatively high average temperature generally . Therefore, gasoline and water and also more than usual extremely volatile. Often due to the detection tank and the vehicle tank, when more gasoline and less water to be Carried out immediately plus.

3, inside the Car pay attention to health

Is the bacteria grow faster in summer season, so the Car should maintain clean, very Car upholstery, Car steering wheel cover, and Car seat Is easy to dirty objects.

4, windshield wipers to replace them

must pay attention to driving rain wiper Is not a good time eraser embrittlement leaves more room on the long-wiper in order to have a more excellent driving rain safe driving vIsion, windshield wipers preferably every 1 to 2 years to replace them.

5 Car Car mats to upgrade

Liangdian Car with excellent hot season Is the key to the Car sun block selection. To choose a cool and not slippery cushion. Drag produced by the body to prevent accidents caused by a Car accident while driving.

6, Auto body should Carry out maintenance

UV damage to the vehicle Is also getting bigger, for example, the penetration of the paint. Everyone Will notice, white Car was long after the direct sun, body tone to be significantly lighter yellow. Thus in the summer to give the Car polIshing and waxing, sealing glaze, capable of maintaining the effectiveness of the Car.