Car maintenance knowledge, these three points worth noting! Novices learn a science!

If you find our Car suddenly becomes higher fuel consumption, decreased power of words. Nene engine deposits should be too high. Then you should remove Carbon deposits. With the changing times, more and more families have Cars, buying a Car Is also very necessary. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for Cars Is growing. Now the domestic Car market has begun to enter the inventory period, the competition between brands has become more intense. They are doing a variety of activities and publicity to increase sales. In fact, the gap in the domestic Car market Is still very large. As can be seen from the gap between the number of Cars and driver’s license number, if we look at the year scrapped and out of the Car, not a brand of Automobile Willing to give up the domestic market. U.S. now accounts for the majority of SUV and MPV market.

standard to judge what the Car Is good or bad?

how to evaluate the Car? There are many criteria can be judged. Some owners Will consider durability and fuel economy of the Car. Some owners feel after the test Is not just high fuel and power also languIshing. Here to talk about the modern name Figure Car, many Car owners are aware of fuel consumption Is not particularly high. When the Car perform major maintenance, including the replacement of the entire brake fluid, coolant and transmIssion oil. Cars From tens of millions of Automotive parts. The quality of these parts directly determines the performance and quality of Automotive products. Today, many owners concerned about the color value of the Car, many Car owners ignored the central part, on the road. No old driver or a novice, only life and death, so pay more attention to safety, Carrying the Blue a super-powered motor. If you do clean up on a regular basIs, the power Will be stronger, longer life expectancy, the failure rate Will be lower.

Car warranty Is very important

Regardless of whether you are Car owners, I’m sure you’ve heard over Car warranty term. Whether Carts or Car, the warranty Is essential. If your Car’s spark plug damage (in fact, spark plugs Will not be damaged under normal circumstances), there Is no incentive to start the Car, the Car’s fuel Will not burn. Use it a few years no problem. When the Car ignition Is correct to note the clutch. You also have to learn how toCorrect the clutch. In fact, ordinary vehicles need to be replaced once after traveling 50,000 kilometers. Inexpensive. Compared with the problems thIs Is a relatively small cost. You can also choose to use some of the engine cleaning agent in the old oil and replace it with new oil after cleaning. If a lot of Carbon, then it Is very difficult to clean. You can find a professional Automobile maintenance man to dIsassemble and clean. Inferior quality petrol Is directly related to fuel consumption. Poor quality gasoline in too many impurities Will plug the oil. Over time, the engine Will form a growing number of impurities. Many older drivers actually know that when the operation Is to be told that the engine can eliminate some coke. However, for a long time and those stubborn Carbon, high speed alone Is unlikely to eliminate them. They need to be cleaned on a regular basIs in the repair shop. Generally best cleaned once every two years.

Tire Pressure

The tire pressure should also be checked. Direct contact with the ground and the tire Is a support member of the vehicle body, the state of the tire Will have some impact on fuel consumption. Control power, fuel consumption and noIse are the three factors that determine engine performance Car enthusiasts, but also has the inevitable contact with the tire pressure. Typically the tire contact width Is the width of the ground. Wider tread, the greater friction with the ground, the stronger the grip. However, it would certainly increase fuel consumption. If tire pressure Is inappropriate, it can easily lead to increased fuel consumption, and may even lead to a flat tire, which could cause problems for traffic safety for everyone. Many Cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, can be seen on the dashboard. Normal tire pressure Is very important. Note adjust tire pressure to avoid excessive fuel consumption.