Car maintenance knowledge points (a)

“Car Care” for our owners Is not new, the owner has every maintenance experience. Car maintenance like people for their maintenance, cold medicine, Oil it protect the skin the same. Automobile inspection and maintenance of the Car Is at a fixed mileage and time.

Car maintenance period

When it comes to period, and now the Car Will follow Car Carrying manual, here Will be marked mileage and maintenance cycle. For example, now most of the Cars are the first three months or 5000 km new Car warranty. Or you better replace fully synthetic oil such as (Ka * and more, the United States *) can go 10,000 km maintenance, it Is best not more than 15,000 kilometers, after all domestic oil and be able to talk to foreign air ratio.

type of vehicle maintenance

Car maintenance Is generally divided into two categories, small maintenance and major maintenance, and some Paul B Paul, also known as A, contents are the same.

Is generally small maintenance means maintenance routine 5000 or 10,000 km (The oil used to set the number of kilometers) of generally comprIses oil, oil filter, air filter and air filter. The way and then check the lights, brake fluid, brake dIscs, antifreeze and the like.

major maintenance generally refers to maintenance of Cars with three years or 60,000 kilometers performed, generally include oil, oil filter, air filter, air filter, transmIssion oil, brake oil, spark plugs, antifreeze, tires.

Type II 4S shop or garage

Small compiled around a lot of friends ask in the end to second-class maintenance Is good or 4S. I think so, if there Is reliable second-class or second-class to go 4S. Below said Why.

First of all, many owners believe that 4S can have regular original parts, regular replacement process, perfect after-sale guarantee that the two types can not be trusted, comparing one-shot dealSimply make money. In fact, 4S also Why not?

Xiao Bian personal Car Is at a friend’s two types of maintenance, the first insurance too. Much cheaper price relative to the 4S, with my own Car to compare, Xiao Bian Is a Jaguar XFL, small insurance in the 4S, oil, filter, air filter prices in 2400, the price of second-class friends in 1000, not elaborate, everyone on their own experience. If we fly, then two types of maintenance, spare parts, oil or something still very secure.

Some owners Will say, outside maintenance of my Car Will not warranty. I want to tell you that a few years ago out of the three packs of policy, 4S out of the question must be resolved within the warranty.

The above Is small series personal point of view, like a friend to me, collectibles article.