Car maintenance knowledge more than the most basic oil change, you might have been “routine” again!

our vehicle after using a period of time to do maintenance, and thIs Is every owner knows something, but then again, the vast majority of Car owners actually do not know how we just got a driver’s license only, in thIs case a lot of people for cognitive Car maintenance Is relatively speaking, more one-sided, and thIs we are also directly increase the 4S shop and garage routines probability, and today Xiao Bian gave you an inventory of several maintenance of such knowledge, but also want to be able to help you in the process among Car.

own judgment maintenance time, can save a lot of money

When the first Car maintenance and no conclusion it Is a very important thing. Like a lot of 4S shop Car Will sell us the time to provide us with a maintenance reference date, or how many kilometers Is reached, or Is reached much time, but we want to see thIs reference date Is only a reference for nothing If our Car habit Is better, thIs time can be extended, if our Car habit rather poor, even in the absence of maintenance arrival date we need maintenance, so to say have some self-judgment tips also it allows us to get some savings in terms of routine maintenance expenses.

the most basic oil change, you may never get to know

The most important among the many maintenance projects Is probably an oil change, while an oil change Is everyone highest recognition a maintenance project, the engine Is the core of the whole Car, engine oil Is the blood, but in the end thIs should not replace the oil we can also determine on its own. We can dipstick vehicle engine it out, then look at the extent of vIscous oil and impurities, if the oil Is too thick or too many impurities, then it Will be no way to get our engine Is one of the best work of the state thIs time Will need to replace the oil.

In fact, the darker the oil Is a very normal thing, because the internal engine Is a high temperature and pressure environment, in thIs case oil color change Is notAvoid, or even complete some Cars after the oil change Is not much time, oil color becomes deep.

maintenance Is not only an oil change

In addition to oil changes, we also must be changed regularly about the vehicle Some wearing parts, such as spark plugs, brake dIscs, brake pads, tires, and so are the various filters need to be changed regularly, and when they need to replace it Will give us some tips.

case if your engine jitter serious, easy to stall, cold start problems, increased fuel consumption, lack of power, most likely spark plug problem. When we press the brake pedal, if there Is a braking dIstance Is too long, brake abnormal sound, it Is likely that brake dIscs and brake pads there Is a problem. And when we tire appeared drum kits, cracks serious, serious wear and tear when the tires Will need to be replaced.

so that the Car maintenance and we did not imagine so simple, timely made to the vehicle maintenance can prevent small problems evolve into a big problem, of course, , and vehicle maintenance although the vehicle has benefits, but excessive maintenance Will hurt our Car, especially in cleaning oil pipeline project such maintenance Is not done too often. I do not know but what about thIs thing do? Welcome to express your views and opinions in the comments area.