Car maintenance knowledge detailed analysIs: Engine oil article!

With the improvement of people’s income level, every household with a Car, but the Car does not necessarily have maintenance vehicles, especially the maintenance of the engine oil, most people are 5000km or six months maintenance, for safety reasons, some people change the oil in advance, if 5000km beyond the psychological variety Is not practical, afraid of hIs Car engine broken. “Car Overview” to help you eliminating A puzzled, detailed analysIs from the principle!

There are two engine oil service index, mileage and time, Why there are these two indicators do?

for a few kilometers of the engine, if Cars with mileage too long, certainly a lot of engine wear, and iron produced after wear Will be left in the oil, Although there are oil filter, but too much iron, does not adequately filter, a direct result of the internal parts of the engine operation, oil lubrication there Will be some wear and tear effect, a long time, the engine various kinds of problems!

For engine oil maintenance time, the internal oil containing additives, if long-term exposure to air, it Will directly lead to additive oxidative deterioration, the impact of oil activity, oil lubrication performance would drop dramatically, if the filter paper check, the oil after the oxidation of reddIsh-brown, thIs oil Is not sufficient to provide lubrication for the engine running if it continues to use, the engine has scrapped danger!

Since the mileage and time Is so important, that there Is no need to strictly quasi-defensive 5000km and six months time limit it? “Car Overview” The answer Is absolutely no!

family Car engine oil maintenance now, most of them are semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil, for the semi-synthetic oil, the service life of 7500km and 7-9 months to fully synthetic motor oil, and 10000km service life Is 12 months, that Is to say, if we Care beyond the prescribed time limit, it Is no problem,Please do not panic, if they do not have time, vehicle maintenance postponed a month or two Is also possible, after all, the anti-Car but made it, Will not cause a variety of problems in time because you do not Care! The reason Why manufacturers are now provIsions 5000km and six months, mainly because in thIs range, all of the oil Will not be a problem, that Is the worst of mineral oil can meet the requirements, but in general the use of family Cars are relatively good oil, it can exceed thIs range during maintenance!

most of the family Car mileage per year than less, about 1 million kilometers, and some even less than 10,000 km, if multiple maintenance really inconvenient, “Car profile” suggest that you usually maintain the best choice fully synthetic motor oil , so that only maintenance once a year, convenient and save!

In short, the oil service not everyone thought it would be terrible, according to their vehicle operating conditions and running state to select the appropriate maintenance time !

“Car profile” Will be launched on vehicle maintenance and other knowledge, to replace the air filter, tires, brakes, brake fluid, transmIssion box oil, antifreeze, etc. If you are interested, welcome everyone’s attention!