Car maintenance knowledge Daquan and maintenance intervals, the driver must have the artifact!

For the Car friends, it Is important to look at hIs Car, but also very focused on maintenance, then the Car What knowledge and what Is maintained in the cycle maintenance, let’s explain.

Maintenance SUMMARY day

check signal means: With the ignition key (not start the engine), where each of the lighting inspection and the warning lamp lights, the engine Is started to check whether each of the normal warning lamp Is off, light Is still lit.

can be obtained by vIsual inspection: before moving to see Automobiles and lighting means has not been damaged, there Is no Car Is inclined, Is not the presence of oil leaks and the like.

Maintenance SUMMARY


tire pressure: check and adjust tire pressure, clean up debrIs on the tire. Do not forget to check the spare tire. Fixing of the engine and various members of each check the engine oil, see the respective joint surface of the engine there Is no oil, water leakage; Check and adjust belt tension; view each part and a wire fixing of conduit; check supplementary oil; Check supplemental cooling fluid; check added electrolyte; check supplemental power steering oil; clean the outer heat sink; supplementary windshield cleaning liquid.

maintenance of the contents of January

external examination: patrol Cars for damage, and check the lamp shade; check the vehicle body fixing accessories; check the side mirror case.

cleaning and waxing: a thorough cleaning inside the Car; debrIs on the clean water tank exterior, engine oil radiator and air conditioning radiator appearance appearance.

Tire: check the wear of the tires, cleaning luggage compartment; close tire wear marks tire should be replaced, there Is no check tire bulge, the main abnormal wear, aging and cracking, etc. flawed.

ChassIs: check the chassIs there does not leak phenomenon, found traces of oil, gear oil should check each Cartridge and appropriate supplements, for all choke chassIs full complement of fat job.

a year of maintenance content

when the ignition timing: check the case of adjusting the ignition timing in an Automobile engine, inspection timing of the diesel engine during fueling the best to the repair shop and adjustment.

Cleaning Lubrication: cleaning the engine cover, and the oil door hinge mechanIsm of the luggage compartment, and readjust the above-described lubrication mechanIsm.

lash: on with ordinary valve engine, the high-speed check valve clearance.