Car maintenance knowledge, cost savings, and prevent pit

10,000 km maintenance Is a small oil filter and oil filter: filter, air filter, gas filter. Large Car maintenance: 20000 Mediator, major maintenance once every 40,000 kilometers. 20,000 km maintenance Carried out oil, replace filter, air filter and air filter, as well as some routine checks. The air cleaner ① The air cleaner installed correctly to reduce the wear of the cylinder, the pIston and pIston rings and other parts. Yue Car steward way to remind you: general cleaning once every travel 5000 kilometers, each driving 10,000 kilometers have to replace the air filter.

② oil filter The oil filter can be mounted correctly process to avoid contamination of the oil in an internal combustion engine to prevent moving parts wear and oil plug. Yue Car steward way to remind you: When changing the oil must also replace the oil filter, otherwIse it Will affect the quality of lubricating oil. Oil and oil filter replacement cycle Is generally 5000 km. ③ fuel filter Fuel filter prevents proper installation of the mixed-cylinder gasoline filling during storage and wear caused by impurities and moIsture. In order to ensure good engine running, fuel filter replacement cycle Is generally 20,000 km or 1 year.

cold winter weather, many owners reduce the frequency of Car wash. To remind everyone, do not think the snow Will save the Car wash. In fact, the snow contain corrosive ingredients, whether it Is paint, chassIs or tires, wheels, long-term damage Will be covered with snow. We suggest that you can wash in a timely manner after the snow. If you can not go to the Car wash, you can put yourself snow washed away with water.

owners Mr. Wang told Reporters, tips winter Car wash Is – to prepare their own towel. After the Car wash Car wash, Car wash workers generally polIshed fairly thick, the owner can own with a towel to dry the door seal, preventing the door from freezing. There Is no central locking the Car, Careful not to let the keyhole water. In addition, it Is best not directly in the evening after washing the Car parked outside, open the best Car wash heater to run a race, the door, the window crevicesWater thrown out.

regular maintenance to the Car, every Car owners who are going to do. Vehicle maintenance project complexity, content to consider a lot. Here introduced one by one for you. First, the closed Car inspection and maintenance should be the main items to check and replenIsh fuel, lubricating oil stocks. Cleaning the vehicle, and an external engine, chassIs.

In the winter season, when the cooling system Is not added as antifreeze, should drain switch and radiator cap, drain switch of the engine are open, the cooling water Is exhausted and do short launch, the water drain, to avoid the cracking of residual cylinder, a radiator, a vehicle air brake air reservoir should be exhausted in sewage.

After the flame closed switches and tighten the hand brake, to see whether or leakage phenomenon ammeter (a pointer to the “-” side). Check the speaker, lights, wipers. Check whether there Is breakage leaf spring, the spring lug, horse bolts are tightened. Check the axle and the wheel nuts, split view lossless rims. Check the tire air loss and whether the injury crack.

Second, a maintenance item of the vehicle after a maintenance operation Is completed, the Car should be clean and tidy to achieve firm connection, three filters smooth, no leakage, watertight, gas tight, no leakage. A vehicle maintenance cleaning operations include: wiped clean body and engine, chassIs section. Cleaning and maintenance of the air cleaner. Clean fuel filter. Released deposits in the oil filter, filter handle rotation 3-4 ring, cleaning oil filter, replace the filter according to the degree of contamination. The accumulator dIscharge water deposits. Third, a vehicle maintenance work item lubricating oil level check engine, transmIssion, rear axle, steering, predetermined Jiatian lubricants. Each nozzle equipped vehicle part, effective, predetermined filling (water pump, the rotary shaft and universal joint, knuckle, the steering rod, etc.) grease.

Fourth, a vehicle maintenance and inspection items tightening inspection steering tie rod, straight rods, each of the tightness of the steering arms are connected. Check and adjust the air compressor, and the engine fan and fixing of the belt tension. Check the brake, the brake pipe without leakage, check the hydraulic brake master cylinder liquid level required to add brake fluid. Check and adjust the clutchFree travel pedal, a brake pedal, a brake pedal check pin fixed shaft and the opening Is intact and reliable. Check fastening various parts of the entire vehicle and bolt connection. Check the tire pressure and check the tires for damage. Check the battery housing, and clear the vent cover small, make up the electrolyte. Check lighting, wiring, the wiper switch Is complete and intact. Speaker volume tone Is normal, good work of various instruments.

during routine maintenance, we can bring their own to filter oil machine 4S shop, not only the cost Is relatively cheap, buy their own products and more at ease with them, but if you want to comes materials need to ask Is whether to permit 4S shop, and some 4S stores to allow own material, some stores Will mandate the use of in-store marketing materials.