Car maintenance Is very important, do not understand these maintenance knowledge, it Is easy to be fooled

Car maintenance Is very important, do not understand these maintenance knowledge, it Is easy to be fooled

now have a Car Is gradually increasing, although the Car Is very simple, but it Is maintenance more trouble, most people only know how to drive, for maintenance of knowledge fully understand, although clearly it Is very important, but at the time maintenance service personnel only heard say, people say where there are problems, where did it need to be replaced entirely not have their own views, because they do not know how to maintain their Car, and some even believe that maintenance Is simply replaced the oil, of course, thIs Is only the most simple step, Is also very important, in fact, there are many Car needs maintenance of.

Is usually on the instructions on the maintenance of knowledge have, something that changed, how long shelf life, are written in a very clear, but now most people do not Will choose to read a book, they are to the 4S shop repair shop advice, once the Car had a problem to get there only to find that their Car Is not a good part, and finally lIstened to the words of maintenance staff, spent a lot of money , can not long after the problem has emerged, then repair Is money, thIs back and forth a few times down the money spent really makes people feel bad, so many people feel that maintenance Is too expensive, raIsing the Car Is not easy, in fact, maintenance not expensive, 4S shop Is expensive, because they have a lot of routine maintenance at the time, so your money Is being pit. On

Automotive maintenance cycle

each vehicle maintenance of all parts of the time or have a certain number of kilometers, Take oil, the normal five thousand kilometers or six months, thIs Is the most common, so most people know, but other parts do not know, so Will flicker 4S shop owners, let your maintenance period becomes shorter, if you only need to maintain a thousand kilometers, they may make you Care when eight thousand kilometers, but also find a variety of reasons to convince you, but you do not understand anything, still think that they say very reasonable, so we spend money on maintenance of the.

In fact, according to Is correct, they just want to make more money on the instructions, the number of times you Care more, spendMuch more naturally, and thIs with the doctors sCare the patient, as the consequences if you do not tell your Car maintenance, thIs Is no problem, the key Is the time shorter, if you understand some slightly, they Will tell you because the environment or for some reason becomes shorter maintenance time, while the owners do not understand thIs knowledge, it Is feared more serious bad Car, only lIsten to the maintenance staff. These are routine, not the letter, you should be in strict accordance with the maintenance manual, so as not to be fooled.

oil Is not clean and put

in the maintenance project , an oil change Is the most common, it Is necessary to lubricate the engine to use, usually in five thousand kilometers Will change, mainly oil there Is a certain shelf life, although thIs Is the simplest and most inexpensive maintenance item, but add up, if you did not put the replacement when the oil clean, you do not need to add too much oil, as long as the fill up on the line, when you pick up the Car, maintenance staff Will show you an empty bottle in fact, thIs Is the previous bottle, your engine oil and not much change, they Will use the same method to deceive the other owners, so you can pit more oil money, if you can have the ability to change my own, based on general tutorials are traded may own.

to be noted that when changing the spark plug

ThIs unit Is prone to problems, so the 4S shop owners are generally required when twenty-three ten thousand kilometers change, but self-priming engine five or six kilometers, in fact, spark plugs, but tens of dollars, but in the 4S shop to trade on more than so cheap and there Is no quality assurance, you’d better buy yourself a repair shop to change, it would have saved a lot of money.

Of course, there are many parts on the Car, and repair shops Will have different routines, as long as you learn more about thIs knowledge, it Will not the pit, so save yourself the unnecessary waste of money, otherwIse you can only get money waiting to be it.