Car maintenance Is the most important of these three periods, we must pay attention to it!

Car maintenance Is the most important of these three periods, we must pay attention to it!

we all know, a life and health of the Car also has a life cycle, in a different period, the physical condition of the Car also has a very big a difference if improper maintenance, it may be our driver and passengers to bring a lot of security rIsks. Xiao Bian today to share with you Is the Car maintenance, the most important thing Is the three times, so, we must pay attention to it.

When the period of decline, the most critical of the three Car maintenance period, and at different times of it, the Car’s maintenance focus Is not the same the golden period of maturity, if we want to make your Car to maintain a good working condition together, then we need to look at some of the maintenance Issues at different times that need attention. We together look.

First, it Is the golden age of the vehicle 1 to 3 years for the age of the vehicle in the Car golden period of 1 to 3 years of it, in addition to wearing and easy consumable parts outside it Is very easy to wear and tear, we need to be replaced every certain period, we should also note that maintenance Is Carried out in the following areas.

The first Is the size of regular maintenance items such as oil filter change Is to focus attention and so the whole Car inspection, checking a number of key projects related to traffic safety, as well as checking the engine compartment engine, check the status of a vehicle chassIs, tire inspection of the entire vehicle and check the brake system components, and so on, to ensure that the Car can run in a safe.

then, Is its maturity, vehicle age 3 to 5 years, maturity refers to a state of the vehicle, entered a most peak stage, after thIs stage, we Will begin to decline gradually, spend 3 to 5 years of Automotive vehicle Will enter a mature stage, although some of the models may look glamorous, but he began to appear some parts, aging, oil spills and other minor problems, at thIs stage, let’s be sure to focus on vehicle inspection and maintenance can the following aspects.

First, the first one Is the brake pads in the Automotive brake systems, brake pads Is very important, a safety parts, the quality of all the braking effect Is determined by the brakes, in general, the lower the cost of words the brake pads wear out much faster, and if not, then replace the brake pads, brake dIscs Will be in direct contact with the backplane lead to loss of function and directly damage the brake brakes.

There Is a second fuel pump, it Will certainly become hot when high-speed operation, and thIs time for it, you need to cool off the fuel itself, If not enough fuel, the fuel pump can not be completely submerged, then the words Will certainly affect the cooling effect of a fuel pump for prolonged operation Is also very easy to damage the Car open to more than three years to almost fuel pump needs cleaning.

The last one Is the decline of the Car, the Car’s performance during thIs period can be said really been declining, and maintenance costs are also rIsing year by year, Some oil seals and seals during thIs period has been a serious aging, and we must find a cure in time to conduct a thorough fault, otherwIse it Will lead to a higher maintenance costs, such as on rubber parts, air-conditioned Cars power systems Some aspects Will be very vulnerable.