Car maintenance Is simple, do thIs 4:00, novice drivers can become skincare expert

With the rapid development of U.S.’s economy, more and more Car owners, so a lot of novice drivers began to worry a thing for the Car, they found they could not afford even afford a Car. Really Is a “short-long pain as pain,” although buying a Car to spend a lot of money, which Is very sad indeed outside, but the maintenance of late, than to buy a Car but also sad. So do not worry, it learned the following points, never let you second change of vehicle maintenance, almost does not occur overhaul!

1, headlamps

a good headlight lighting conditions, relating to traffic safety at night. Usually drive and also use it to communicate with other drivers traveling Is very important one. Its maintenance method Is very simple, first check the tightness of the headlights, headlight see if there Is water vapor form, should be fine, you can build clean appearance, something the individual maintenance in time to remove the security rIsk can be.

2, water glass, antifreeze

Water glass Is a very important feature, when faced special circumstances, can quickly clean the dirt on the Car glass, to keep their driver’s normal driving. The antifreeze for the engine cooling and corrosion protection plays an important role, can certainly extend the life of their Car and, therefore, very important maintenance projects.

3, tire pressure, brake pads

in respect of tire pressure Car driving effect, pressure Is not the same It may lead to a flat tire, roll, out of control and so on. In order not to cause such unnecessary trouble, usually their own home inspection inspection does not take too much time. There Is to check the brake pads, the consequences can cause brake failure Is estimated we all know, Is not to say, for the families and the safety of others, check the brakes before each time the bus Is essential.

4, various oils maintenance

The fourth Is the maintenance of the various oils, including gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid and so on. The most important of which Is oil, the oil Will be more conducive for high-end life of the Car, which IsIt must be regular maintenance. Brake fluid Is not to say, I did not brake the Car Is estimated that we did not dare to open, usually changed every 40,000 km brake fluid on the line.

Summary: whether their own or 4S shop, as long as understand these basic maintenance knowledge, usually observe these problems, the Car does not want to increase the life of the immune . What problem do not hesitate afraid to spend money, and go to the real question, then maintain than spend more than a few years, small partners understand? Welcome to the comment section below interactive message!