Car maintenance Is not just an oil change, thIs very same place five key!

Often overlooked when

we are doing Car maintenance check of some key components, so there Will be a great security rIsk, but also accelerate the aging of the Car. Today to talk about the five key components of Automotive repair and maintenance. Vehicle maintenance Will only change the oil? Incidentally, these five places to maintain it inside your Car for three years without major repairs.

The first: vehicle bearing

If vehicle owners to hear while driving an abnormal sound, then go 4S shop called during the maintenance personnel to remove the raIsed Car brakes, try moving wheels, Issued a clear sound of the rear wheels turn up, it basically can prove to be a problem with the Car bearings, then do not hesitate to replace it immediately. OtherwIse, if the Car to open for some time, then the wheels Will squirmy.

Second: spark plug

spark plug ignition important means necessary, if there Is no spark plug, then Cars it does not ignite. Many people think that the most important means of starting the Car engine, but in fact if there Is no spark plug if the engine Is of no use. Generally spark plug life span of about one hundred thousand kilometers to reach one hundred thousand kilometers must be replaced, but the best advice Is to travel on to replace when thirty thousand kilometers, so to maintain the best performance of the spark plug, the Car can travel smoothly driving experience better.

The third: the exhaust pipe

Cars traveling the road we are uncertain, so if on uneven roads may collide into the exhaust pipe, if not checked in time, it may be the way to hear the sound of the exhaust pipe friction road Gala Gala, and finally the entire tube may be scrapped.

Fourth: steering rod

Car Is affirmative loosening does not occur, but once with over a period of time, then it could result in some parts loosening, but often overlooked during maintenance. ThIs Car has a safe driving significant impact, so please double-check, if it Is found loose, we must immediately repair.

Fifth: shock absorbers

shock absorber Is to allow us time in the process of moving more comfortable and smooth parts, Is maintenance must focus on examination of parts, but if there Is oil leakage of the shock absorber, it may cause the braking dIstances, which Is very dangerous. So be sure to check them Carefully to ensure that our safe driving.