Car maintenance Is not just an oil change, it should be noted that three sites, prolong the life of your car

Car maintenance Is not just an oil change, it should be noted that three sites, prolong the life of your Car

Car maintenance Is our main vehicle of the must do one thing, after all, still a Car consumables, if not timely maintenance Is likely to cause important parts wear out more quickly, such as engine oil, lubricating oil, to reduce friction between the moving parts, to a certain extent, but also to ensure flexible operation of the engine, if the engine oil Is not timely Carried out after the replacement of consumption to a certain extent, can easily lead to an increase in engine deposits, the Car starts difficult, serious and even lead to pull cylinder Car, so a Car Is likely to need a lot of maintenance money, but Car maintenance Is not just as simple as changing the oil, in addition, also pay attention to these three sites, prolong the life of the Car.

First, the first Is that the transmIssion fluid, for many owners gearbox maintenance are not very clear, in fact, gearbox and engine, just as needed a certain degree of maintenance, just do not need as frequent as the engine, according to Car maintenance manual provides general Auto gearbox when using two years or 40,000 kilometers to go, it needs to be replaced once the transmIssion fluid. In general, the transmIssion Is not going to move, since the transmIssion fluid Is more slowly consumed, in order to effect a shift in time can be more smooth, and to protect the interior of the gear box.

The second Is the brake fluid, brake our Automotive safety systems Is very important, and brake oil as a brake when braking the power transmIssion medium, directly determines the vehicle braking effect, generally, brake fluid Is not required timing, it was observed that frequent replacement Is required, especially when driving Automobiles in about two years, each maintenance are recommended to check the brake fluid, when and if the Car during braking, brake appear Caton or can not brake in time, it would have to immediately inspect and replace the brake fluid.

The last Is a spark plug, both then advanced Automotive technology, Auto start all need to use the spark plug. Now the spark plug by making materials generally divided platinum spark plugs, the spark plug Iridium, Nickel sparkPlugs, each spark plug life Is not the same as the best Iridium spark plugs can be used for about 100,000 kilometers, while platinum spark plugs can only use about 50,000 km. The spark plug if there are problems it Will cause the Car power Is low, there Will be some impact vehicle fuel consumption right, the worst case, the Car starts Is very difficult.

vehicle maintenance not only with Cars with mileage and time linked to the environment usually Car, the driver’s operating practices and so on, these Will cause the Car to wear so wear each Car Is not the same, under normal circumstances just like in accordance with the maintenance manual Car, but it Is best analyzed according to the specific circumstances of their own Car.

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