Car maintenance Is not just an oil change, four parts have to remember to change, take a look at what four

Whenever the Car owners No vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance Is a need for long-term adherence to do, but now a lot of Car owners and maintenance are just another oil that Car maintenance oil change Is needed. In fact, everyone knows Car maintenance Is not just an oil change, four parts have to remember to change, know now not too late, then you look at what four.

The first part 1: spark plug. The main role of the spark plug Is used to start the Car, according to the spark plug of the material, its basic service life Is also different intervals, so owners need to understand their own spark plug of the material, and so life Is reached in time replace the spark plug.

2nd Part: Cage sleeve. The relationship between Cage and Cage sets the name suggests, trap cage to protect it, it can not only prevent dust, but also to prevent leakage of butter in a cage. Therefore, the degree of damage to the cage and cage sets are closely related, a good set of Cage can give it better protection.

The first three parts: brake wheel cylinder. The main effect of the brake wheel cylinder Is a top movable brake pads, brake wheel cylinder so that the braking system of the vehicle an indIspensable brake parts. But many owners are easy to overlook thIs part, so owners normally pay attention to maintenance brake wheel cylinders, the replacement Will be replaced, especially when the owners feel the brake pads so bad when we must look at the brake cylinder Is not replaced.

Part of 4: brake oil. The Car has a gasoline engine oils, brake also has its special brake oil. The role of brake fluid Is delivered brake pressure, but the characterIstics of the brake fluid Is easy to absorb water, so after a long time, water Will be a lot of brake fluid, which Is not conducive to driving a Car. Therefore, maintenance of Car owners in the usual time do not forget to brake oil, remember to replace it on time.