Car maintenance Is not as simple as just changing the oil, these projects are essential

We all know that the Car Is now more and more, Car maintenance shop business Is increasingly the better, and we often see Cars parked in front of the maintenance of all Car now some of the majority of the old drivers also attaches great importance to the maintenance of my Car, after all, thIs Car Is we spent more than ten million to buy back, so drivers have to pay attention to it, but Xiao Bian recently found a problem , that Is, we have a mIsunderstanding of Car maintenance, Is that some older drivers are always considered to own Car maintenance Is to change the oil, in fact, small series to tell you that Car maintenance Is not as simple as just changing the oil.

some time ago to the Car driver Liu shop for their Car maintenance, Car beauty shop after the store clerk Liu began to sell various drivers of Car Care packages, and a variety of maintenance policies, which allow the driver Liu Is very offensive, I said to the driver Liu vehicle maintenance shop Is in order for a change of oil, did not expect the sales staff give me something to sell so much useless to me, I was not fooled it, so no matter how the sales staff to sell, the driver Liu on or indifferent, it just changed last oil change, we see here Is not also feel the Car maintenance really just an oil change so simple? If we think are wrong, let Xiaobian everyone to know about it.

When it comes to Car maintenance, I am sure of thIs mIsunderstanding Is very large, we change the oil in the Car maintenance Is just a part of it, as long as most Cars ran 5,000 or 10,000 km after must be replaced, and the replacement of oil for all of us might be a more common knowledge, but in addition to oil, we also require frequent cleaning their own coke, we may not know of thIs. Our coke Is produced in the process of moving, long time if we do not clean up our Cars Will lead to damage to some extent, such as we often see our Cars glitches continue, such as the Car suddenly beat the fire our fuel consumption Is very large as well as vehicle emIssions of non-compliance and so on, so we must pay attention to cleaning up their deposits.

Xiao Bian just said so much, notYou know if you are aware of it? We now know that our Car Is not the only oil change and maintenance simple, right? If only an oil change only so simple, that our Cars are maintenance Is not in place, so we go in the Car Care maintenance shop when we should lIsten to the recommendations of the sales staff, sales staff to give us develop a maintenance program for our so our Car did thIs or that failure Will not happen.