Car maintenance Is not afraid of the pit, the old drivers to teach you the recipe

If you have friends and relatives fly open repair shop, and Is the kind of technology flows, and went to the repair shop maintenance, lest being slaughtered 4s shop.

If not, go to 4s shop maintenance, strictly control project on the maintenance manual, do not be fooled, what engine throttle cleaning, clean air, clean it class need to do basically nothing, just more money to buy buy buy, gearbox oil + oil + + antifreeze brake oil due to such change, dragging a long time Is not good.

roadside repair shop are not familiar with the pheasant really not recommended to go, the price Is cheaper than the 4s, but higher rIsk, you know what hIs oil accessories Is not genuine, bad repair wrangling things to come. The lower limit are not allowed to grasp the repair shop, Car parts down for the accident you can not say, as long as there Is money, and sometimes dare to start between friends.

4s guarantee relatively much higher, even if there may be a problem manufacturers reveal all the details, at most, to sell you some oil merger, deputy factory air filter, for security innocuous, basically to accept.

Some things you can learn yourself, such as a simple wiper, air filter like the Internet search click on it diy, of course, if you are not afraid of dirty, technology high, all equipment, all oil-train no problem.

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