Car maintenance Is best when these three refused, not only useless but also a waste of money, novice to remember

Do not look now most people have a Car, but then how should the Car maintenance, there are still a lot of people do not understand, just received a text message to remind the maintenance man, just think of it to drive to do maintenance. Directly to the store when the “walk away dIspensers”, after the Car repairman to himself no matter what the, what the Car to change the oil or parts which are not and Will not know. Obviously thIs would be extremely irresponsible, regardless of service trade unions are not from the hands and feet, the owners do not understand their own Car, it Is prone to security Issues.

Later, the old driver also said that the maintenance of the Car, when there are three projects did not need to do, when the maintenance man to bring the best direct refusal, not only did with also a waste of money, novice drivers must keep in mind the. 1, maintenance of Car tires, Car tire owners have all agreed that it Is important, requiring constant maintenance, but wash the tires themselves at home, and the tire stuck on the gravel clean enough. There Is no need for repairs and maintenance master to do, he just clean up the tires, we have received 100.

2, cleaning the Car air-conditioning, most owners Will be used in Automotive air-conditioning throughout the year, there Will be the wrong way to use could breed a lot of bacteria, so there need to clean up. But the air conditioning maintenance worker cleaning agent used not only expensive, but also Will not play any role, as the province put down the money, he bought a bottle of air conditioning, cleaning agents, cleaning it at home. And thIs project does not include air conditioning filter replacement, but also to close on a hundred dollars, think about all worthwhile.

3, to the Car waxing, no matter how expensive the Car, use a long time, are likely to yellow paint or paint chips. Some owners Will tell when the Car wash maintenance man, marked with a layer of wax to the Car, then the Car like new. According to the current market, playing a wax to the Car to charge around $ 200. But also damage the paint more often after waxing, but also spend so much money. Car maintenance Is best when these three refused, not only useless but also a waste of money, novice to keep in mind.

take good Care of the Car Is very important indeed, it may be appropriate to extend the life of the Car. But there are some projectsHe did not need to do. And like replacement glass of water, wipers and other projects as well as air filter, the owner can do themselves at home. Yang Is also a Car for many years who claim to be a half old drivers, and more and more time with the Car for a long time, the greater the number of maintenance projects Is found in deceptive. After going to the Car to do maintenance time, we must remember do not be mIsled, I spend a lot of time and money do not say thIs as a value that Is not.