Car maintenance Is also a “hidden rules”? do you know? Then how are we to break it?

with regard to Car owners, the Car often have maintenance vehicles.

However, about three Car maintenance “hidden Duan Fang” You know what?

a. When the primary maintenance, most a lot of how much Kanji Yan

at the moment of vehicle maintenance, whether it Is 4S shop garage still, there are many black-hearted boss, always do the limbs in action on maintenance, such as maintenance can save on eliminating, oil shoddy, falling phenomenon package, etc., assuming you shop or 4S garage restless God, do not drink tea in the Hui-lin rest room, more to the maintenance workshop run several times, avoid black-box operation.

II. Rejected enthusiasm, the confrontation did not need maintenance

popular terms, according to the maintenance manual maintenance Is not it Will drop foot, but the maintenance process, the technician Will be dedicated let you do some maintenance on other not on the lIst, such as tire maintenance, and so on playing bottle clean Carbon deposits ah, thIs time you have rejected enthusiasm, do not been fooled people flattering words smug, let people do what to do, to know that people look to Is your wallet!

Therefore, the number of non-confrontation need maintenance items that are not on the lIst, it could save a lot of money.

III. Ailment rule, a rule, maintenance

ThIs routine Is a rare contrast routine, go you say to a charge detection, and then you say thIs little brake abnormal sound like some shortcomings, assuming no to a cARE, the road there Is a rIsk that some owners Will be subject to rIsk heard suggestions maintenance technician, smoothly on the cover, thIs time maintenance may have to spend a lot of money.

Well, Automobile maintenance industry “hidden Duan Fang” A lot of you have any experience of it in the tank? Please leave a message to share.