Car maintenance Is a good thing to do, but four places do not often move, otherwIse easy to crash

Car maintenance Is a good thing to do, but four places do not often move, otherwIse easy to crash

to say what to do in order to start the Car after Car break loss rate to a minimum, on the matter ten thousand Car owners might everyone Will have different answers, but everyone can not do without the word answer Is definitely, that Is maintenance. Maintenance for the Car Is very important, because he Is the best way to reduce the rate of Car wreck, but for many 4S shop, the Car maintenance Is also a great piece of their source of income, even as Car maintenance every year brings the revenue Will not be less than selling Cars. So in the interests of thIs trend, many 4S shops in time for the maintenance of the owners, the owners Will flicker to some extent, we Will introduce a lot of maintenance project should not be to the owners.

ThIs Is a 4S store often does things, but here I’m going to remind you of the owners, there are few places that can not Carry out maintenance on the Car , too frequent maintenance and even Car would cause great harm. The first place Is the first Car cleaned. There are a lot of people are not accustomed to over the top of hIs Car dirty, even a little dirt Will not work, but here I’m going to remind you, do not go there a little dirty Car wash, even if it Will not tolerate too find a professional Car wash, or else the long run likely to be counterproductive.

There Is a gearbox oil. TransmIssion oil position in the Car Is not inferior to gasoline, which in addition can help Automotive cooling, it can also have an effect on a lot of lubrication of the Car. But thIs oil Is not changed frequently, usually run a 20,000 km to 40,000 km replacement for the best, and most importantly, thIs new gearbox oil oil did not actually old oil durable, it Is less than the number of kilometers the best Do not be replaced.

Then there Is the oil. Change the oil Is actually very deceptive insurance company a little habits, almost every time you Care for you when they Will be replaced with new oil, but in fact thIs Is totally unnecessary, in general, if an oil change every 7000 km on enough, and you maintain a normal five thousand kilometers to go would be to change the oilVery wasteful, and new oil Is also prone to wear on the new Car, so please pay attention next time.

The last and most important part of the engine. Engine Car body Is a very important component, Cardiac status Is equivalent to the human body, Is the source of human power. In general we do for the Automotive maintenance, as long as a Car engine does not appear wrong, then we do not need to Carry out maintenance on the engine, not maintenance, often do not even open it, and then if the engine maintenance need professional maintenance team, thIs team Is generally not available 4S point.