Car maintenance in the end where to go? How long maintenance time Is appropriate?

living conditions are good, more and more Cars, a lot of people happily buy a new Car, put it down. You Will do maintenance on your Car? Especially the new Car owners should learn the proper maintenance of vehicles in order to make their Car Is in good condition.

Just two months ago, Xiao Bian heard a friend’s question, she bought a Buick Hideo. 4S shop every day to the phone. Remind her to do maintenance, the first insurance after her Car to open more than 3,000 kilometers, has not yet reached 5,000 km maintenance requirements. But the 4S shop said, her Car has reached the maintenance period of six months. So the question Is, which Is the majority owner of more tangled doubts about the place, 5000 km and 6 months which prevail in the end?

First, on how long the maintenance time, there have been many online Car maintenance schedule, are too absolute. The specific Issues have AnalysIs:

1, if less open, so at the time.

There are many Car owners after buying the Car, open weekends only open, not open a few times a month, a year before running thousands of kilometers run, not as good as other people a month open kilometers. ThIs situation can be maintained in accordance with the travel time can be delayed than a predetermined period of time such as delayed a few months.

2, if much more open, then look at mileage.

There are many owners are more open, to and from work every day, go out and play the rest, refused to leave the Car. Mileage and more, thIs situation can be maintained in accordance with the mileage to such stresses, 5000 kilometers, 10,000 kilometers, 20,000 kilometers and so on.

Second, in the end what difference there Is a doubt we are more tangled Issue, many users are asking, 4S shop maintenance and outside maintenance? We have a lot of controversy, let’s look at the following summary of years older drivers!

on technical strength. There Is no doubt 4S shop of technical strength and alsoIt Is more accepted. Because the Car manufacturers 4S shop construction requirements are relatively high, it represents Is a Car brand image, so the major brands of 4S stores that are all a class of vehicle maintenance business certification, in terms of thIs and shop outside maintenance, qualification to uneven, and some do not even have. From the certification in thIs regard, 4S shop victory. ThIs Is the power of the brand, so in terms of technology and strength, 4S shop more reassuring. Like small clinics and three hospitals as contrast.

of the new Car warranty period, thIs would not have said, it Is recommended to go 4S shop maintenance, after all, Is the manufacturer sent free of charge. After the warranty period, I believe most people consider maintenance on the outside, because the price Is reasonable cheap.

On the other hand, the repair station can solve more problems. As the saying goes, the ancient folk masters. Repairman really powerful hidden out of the garage, he can solve some problems you can not handle, I can do even better and get better.

Therefore, with regard to maintenance problems, you choose 4S store or repair shop, thIs according to their own circumstances. If your economic conditions are strong, you can go 4S shop freely. If you are a regular live at home, or find a garage outside maintenance, cost-effective. In fact, to find a suitable shop Is the best, how do you see it? Comments welcome below.