Car maintenance in the end what when to change? Look here Will know!

Car maintenance in the end when what change? Look here Will know!

We all know that there are thousands of Car parts, but also as an ordinary Car owners, of course, we can not and do not need to understand the usefulness of these eleven parts. However, for driving safety and extend the life of some of the replacement cycle of wearing parts, we still need to know!

Moreover, because the models are not the same, and some require 3,000 kilometers, and some require Is 4000 km, it Is recommended first insurance Is best not more than 5000 km new Car generally have a certain run-in period, the first oil tank there must be a lot of impurities like iron filings, to the timely replacement of oil, Is also an engine of effective protection. Each spark plug also need to know when major maintenance projects, because of the role that the cylinder spark plug ignition of combustible mixed gas ignited, once the work Is too long, it Will make the engine run smoothly and without jitter, or even lack of cylinder form, beat the fire, while also making the engine more cost oil, so the role of the spark plug Is very important.

has been improving the quality of gasoline, but the portion of the impurities inevitably mixed into the water and, therefore the gasoline into the fuel pump must be filtered in order to ensure smooth passage, engine operating normal. Since the fuel filter Is used once every 80,000 km need to be replaced. Each vehicle running for some time, there Will be Carbon, with Carbon Is best to do some cleaning. Although Carbon deposition can continue to open, but the Car Will bring a lot of trouble, such as bad ignition, idle shake, weak acceleration, high fuel consumption, emIssions of non-compliance, even knocking detonation, affect the Car power, comfort resIstance, fuel economy.

In summary, the oil, power oil, brake oil, antifreeze, etc., replacement brake piece so, we should pay attention to the thickness of the brake pads, and then consider the need for replacement, the replacement time Is generally about 40,000 km, if you are driving a softer way owners can also be extended to 6-8 million km, but the most important thing Is the ability to keep an eye on the brakes and brake pads condition of the vehicle , look at the situation in general to replace brake pads.

In summary, the current 4S shop more and more routine we also know, the faithful Car body are resIstant to the 4S shop ah, do not want to go to 4S shop maintenance, repairs not want to go 4S shop, the reason Is very simple, fear of routine, innocently took some of the money wasted. But while complaining at the same time voluntarily went in, if you are confident enough, then of course you need to be bought before the material on the Internet or go to Auto Parts City maintenance. We all know that yet?