Car maintenance in the end what things need to be replaced?

When buying a Car, lorry bag there are always a few small books, some owners Will turn out research studies, as well as the owners simply do not read, just know that there Is thIs maintenance, the maintenance of the staff showed 4S shop regIster, then the maintenance of inside knowledge all know it? In the end what things need to be replaced all you know it? I did not know there would be suffer a great deal.

First maintenance have to change the engine oil, oil type corresponding to different models, not necessarily for a good oil, the oil treasure Makati light Wuling be able to open, but there Will be damage Similarly Wuling light added a BMW engine oil can Carve, but also damage to the engine, the behavior of their lubricity, vIscosity, high-temperature environment conditions, do not have to choose the right, and expensive, to choose for their own. There are several models W on oil – a few 0, for example 5W –30,0W –30 and so must choose their own.

Then oil filter. Oil filter Is to filter out impurities in the oil circulating inside, everyone’s understanding Is an oil change, oil filter must be replaced, the routine Is so, but always some Car owners drive less, travel a short dIstance, but put a long time, the maintenance a year when it ran 1000? 2000? 3000 kilometers, as long as it Is genuine engine oil, oil filters may need to replace large.

as well as air filters, air filters Is to filter out impurities inhaled, then let air into the engine, the air filter Is dirty performance of idle instability, driving weakness, oil cost, easy to stall bad ignition, not on the throttle, air filter maintenance every time do not worry exchange, can be removed to take a look at the dirty not dirty, dirty Is not too obvious, running away or less with little road dust, you can use play pump blow, not a dirty look at absolutely no need to be replaced.

Then the air filter and a fuel filter gasoline fuel filter by definition Is the impurities by filtration, Is not required each fuel filter replacement, maintenance times typically replaced once, but according to the quality of gasoline added may be, plus gasoline good, regular, removed rocking back and forth pour out of turbid oil-free clear, you do not need to replace, if cheap, not quality gasoline, shake to remove oil pour out of turbid, even black, you need more LimaIn other words, fuel filter blockage Will affect oil supply shortage, beat the fire, driving weakness, run faster, obviously feeling frustrated, would seriously damage the pump. When

Having a regular maintenance, following talk air filter, air filter and air filter similar effect, but a filtered air into the engine, a filtered air into the evaporation tank, air filter maintenance split out to see, usually playing pump can be used to blow clean, it Is not clean blow, affecting air flow, or smell, immediately replace the air conditioning filter function Is to direct the owners of personal influence.

There are two forty thousand kilometers recommended to replace the gearbox oil, thIs Is only a manual transmIssion Car, two forty thousand kilometers can be extended twenty thousand kilometers a year, if longer and It may affect the gear ring true cold, cold noIse increases. Automatic transmIssion oil, it Is recommended replaced every 120,000 kilometers, can be extended, but the Automatic transmIssion complex, expensive, extend the time more harm than good.

recommended two years there are forty thousand kilometers replace antifreeze, I personally recommend Is the best antifreeze must be replaced when three sixty thousand kilometers, never more than three years, sixty thousand kilometers I’ve seen bad Car thermostat, antifreeze Is more than three years does not change, wait until the thermostat early evening ruined ruined sooner or later Will destroy, antifreeze can cause high temperature, affect the engine, or necessary for the.

brake fluid, brake fluid change intervals of three years sixty thousand kilometers, but thIs Is not absolute, there Is no fault in the braking system when the brakes made of cotton, it was time to exchange them.

booster oil, a lot of Cars now gone, but also for a three-year replacement cycle sixty thousand kilometers.

rear axle oil, the precursor of the Car Is not oil, not be strong Car replacement cycle of three years sixty thousand kilometers, but the output of the Car, such as the Wuling series, small truck, it Is recommended to replace the two forty thousand kilometers.

Finally, the focus of talk about a variety of supplements, inlet cleaning, washing throttle, throttle effect Is clean, not dirty dirty throttle body and see when more than thirty thousand kilometers, if use of dirty can be cleaned manually clean, cheap and clean. Injector cleaner, sixty thousand kilometers done once, plus all the regular gasoline can not do. Air conditioning, cleaning can be done when the smell of smellOne to do, if it wants to be appropriate to spray some perfume inside the duct. Catalytic cleaning, etc., etc. can not be ignored, if you want to use a variety of recommendations to the regular cleaning 4S shop, social supplements varied, with a good Car Will cause no small damage.

easy to buy a Car, keep a Car difficult, the Automotive market Is a large cake, steady speed slow beware of a variety of large flicker.