Car maintenance in the end want to go to 4S store it? User: I Will never go up

Car maintenance in the end want to go to 4S store it? User: never go after the

as how to improve the development of society and life, I believe most of my friends have their own Car. But after the Car with him. Consumption, maintenance costs also have a very large expenditure. General Car ferry to the Car to do maintenance, they usually Will choose to shop 4s, 4s shop then recommended item we really need to do it the Car? Let’s take a look at it!

and some say a little big, do maintenance to the Car while the Car tire maintenance also, I believe that many owners do maintenance when the staff Will give you the recommended tire maintenance, thIs project. They Will tell you that Will be more durable after maintenance. In fact, no use at all. They just beat tire tire wax after cleaning. And for the life of what they say does not work, so there Is no need to spend a lot of money to go to 4s shops and nurturing these projects.

There Is a clean Car air conditioners, because of the time if not using it, air conditioning, cleaning Is particularly simple, just to buy a bottle special cleaning liquid can be done yourself. And there are a lot of people have to go to 4s shops. let them. Solve wash wash clean than their own, in fact, these problems they can solve. There Is no need to go to 4s shop, because that Will cost you some money wasted, in fact, be cleaned once a year Is enough.

When our Car running for a long time there Is a project that Is clean oil, because the Car for a long time could easily produces coke, coke Will not only make excessive exhaust emIssions from motor vehicles, but also easily lead to abnormal sound and vibration of the engine, so that clean oil Is one of Car maintenance to be done, but if the project Is not a lot of coke in the Car then you do not need to clean up the oil. If you wash too often, it Is also possible to make the Car suffered some damage. Well maintenance on these Issues, do you understand it? Like Comment welcome at the point below!