Car maintenance in the end should or should not go to 4S store it? –Secret

have such a lot of doubt, in the end or need a new Car maintenance to the 4S shop, everyone’s views are not the same, some say go 4S doing, which Is not good oil out, and also very expensive, maintenance time can maintain twice the outside inside. Some have even said: 4S shop to go to it, which parts are genuine, safe and secure. Anyway, basically information online Is uncompromIsing, so today small gave you explain in the end how to choose?

4S shop maintenance environment

do not feel small series Is not professional, I can 9 years experience in the Car repair master-level figures, though not as big God other theory that thIs theory, but small series are the closest you explain the Car. Closer to home, thIs situation can be divided into two aspects of maintenance and repair, if the user classification, can be divided into two types of service vehicles and private Cars. We start with the repair and maintenance of two options began to speak, the country now has three packs of law provIsions, if not in the 4S shop maintenance, if you can prove that they are in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements, and to provide valid evidence, can enjoy national warranty then refer to it as you can choose if maintenance Is outside the repair shop, but also to keep their eyes open to choose a regular repair shop, regular maintenance and can provide proof of evidence and invoices, users also need to be retained and the evidence to rigorous, can be prevented in the future wrangling things, so here Xiaobian give you recommend, if you are a novice or a private Car, commuting on basic industry maintenance twice a year, you can go directly to 4S shop maintenance, maintenance the content Will follow when buying a Car up to the user manual, you Will not spend more money. If it Is business or old Car driver, you certainly can save a lot of cost to go outside.

regular garage environment

the second point Is if the repair, give us advice or to the 4S shop Is relatively better, because I have learned to the 4S shop before, of course, tens of thousands of dollars to a small Car out of bits and pieces on it, relative to speaking, 4S shop only one kind of Car repairs, and know that every modelA common problem, you can quickly diagnose the fault, and can provide original parts, to prevent the occurrence of future security, some people worry about excessive maintenance, in fact, not much of that happening, but because of management problems or master ethical Issues when outside have occurred, no matter where you are, now you are aftermarket replacement parts, because they do not change parts, aftermarket customer does not give people the technology to pay.

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These are small to give us the analysIs of two points, if there are problems I can browse to dIscuss Oh, finally The thumbs up Is a virtue, thank you!

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