Car maintenance in the end not to follow the manufacturer’s manual?

We all know that buying a Car Is necessary to maintain, in fact, as long as the Car maintenance well, back to open eighty thousand one hundred thousand kilometers Is no problem, there are many owners would say, I drove it for so long only an oil change Is not the same as the other did not engage in open. So today we talk about those things, and Car maintenance.

Unfortunately, when to make a metaphor, in fact, and your wife, he focused on beauty and health, living habits are the law, and usually another same age he who never Care skin health, and life without the law, they are watching day by day too, they are the same age, but what do you think they look younger and more beautiful, and certainly your wife slightly!

ThIs and some Car maintenance, same as eighty thousand kilometers of open Cars, some Cars faster engine speed, engine sound normal, the Car look up clean and fresh, like paint from the outside to open two or three years of the same Car. While others drove off the same number of kilometers, the big engine noIse, slow reaction speed, and some burning oil, open up the chassIs ring, etc. These problems have emerged, even after late repair to achieve good results and no original final more harm than good.

it illustrates a problem the Car Is your own how to how he was, how he Will reward you, they might someday Is likely to leave you the road (ha ha) so usually pay attention to maintenance on time, according to the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturers recommendations, conduct maintenance, so not only can improve the life of original pieces, but also ensure that vehicles driving safety, maintenance and more looking like every time spend a little money, the actual long-term perspective Is to save money for themselves.