Car maintenance how to save money, and ultimately, several major artifact, can find a home to!

we have not encountered such confusion? Car accidentally drew a scratch, do not handle it does not look good, 4S shop maintenance to look and feel a bit does not pay? Then how to do it? Today small teach you a trick, use everyday household items to Carry out maintenance on the Car, so that both money and the environment, but also act as its own small Car maintenance experts, there did not feel Bang Bang da?

Toothpaste removing scratches

component dentifrice component and some scratches wax somewhat similar. After the Car had accidentally scratch, go to the 4S shop maintenance Is expensive color has easy to leave, it Is better to handle it with toothpaste.

Small series Tips: first scratched washed with water, and then take a clean cloth or towel, dipped in a little toothpaste light repeatedly scratched Gently push rub until the scratches dIsappear or diminIsh after wipe dry wipes available. In fact, it Is the use of toothpaste abrasive ingredients to make it as a new unit, and not to hurt the body Will not hurt the paint oh.

Fengyoujing to rubber tracks

Unexamined Car, Will be labeled in a variety of windshield signs, some owners Will be affixed to the body in something, it Is easy to fit, but would like to remove the residual glue track Is not easy.

Xiao Bian Tips: We can be self-adhesive surface coated with a dry wind spirits (a little more than the amount the better), wait a few moments after cloth, stickers Will fall off, and leaving no trace.

Leather soap seat

Leather seats fear to scratch a hard object, and fear of chemical cleaning agents corrosion. Automotive beauty shop to do the cleaning, the use of foam type of detergent, dried and hardened leather and have small cracks. A long time on the seat of injury, the use of corrosive tiny transparent soap, not only the detergency Is good, soft and shiny leather after drying.

Small series Tips: with a clean soft towel soaked in warm water, soap evenly hit on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat (foldAt may repeatedly wipe). Cawan ventilated dry soap, and then washed free of soap can be twice the wet towel. Soap (soap) decontamination strong, and non-irritating to human skin, pieces of leather and more practical. Well worth a try, but cost Is also high Oh!

Talc stick junction resolve door seals

etc. can rubber body with age Automobile increase gradually aging. Open the door, often not smooth and accompanied by “friends squeak” sound Will appear in the rain. In fact, thIs Is the sign of the door seal rubber ring of aging.

Small series Tips: In thIs case, an available talc (child lip may be used) applied to the door weather strip rubber on to the surface of the sealing strip and smooth recovery, so that the openable and closable door, no sound. ThIs law also applies to refrigerator, freezer door abnormal sound Oh.

fine cleaning detergent wash non-toxic rubber rot, detergency, detergent clearer with rubber Car Is very good effect . For example: center console dirty, you can pour the right amount of detergent and water for cleaning, the effect Is very obvious Oh! Anti-fogging glass detergent

winter driving, glass fog Is a big security rIsk, thIs time with detergent can solve thIs problem.

Small series Tips: Some detergent with a dry cloth wiping Automotive glass stick, the glass wiper uniformly as possible, even during wiping detergent bubbles do not worry. Then another piece of glass cloth detergent Will wipe clean the surface of Automobiles. Glass Ha mouth to breath, you Will find no traces left of the fog.

Asphalt active oil soil washing

with active oil treatment belonging to a liniment bruIses, in addition to other than processing bruIses people, it can also be used in removing the dirt on the asphalt of the Car, convenient and effective without leaving any traces. You can also save money to buy detergent Oh!

preventing onionWindshield Frost

knot winter frost on the windshield, which Is estimated to be busy a lot of bad owners, in fact, you’ll be so busy just because you do not You know raw onion can prevent your windshield frost knot, long night with raw onions and rub on your windshield and windows can make your Car away from frost and freezing fog troubles. I would like to add that the method of rubbing alcohol can quickly remove the frost on the glass Oh.

cooking oil to resolve the rearview mirror of water


rainy day driving, Zuifan owners than there Is water on the rear-view mirror. Rain gear, spray anti-fog sprays can be very good to solve the problem. The easiest and most economical way Is to apply soapy water on the rearview mirror, but may soapy water to foam, so here Is recommended to use oil, grease molecules molecules and water molecules repel each other, weakening the tension of water so that the water droplets can not mirror stay, and the effect can last for more than 1 hour.

There Is no surprIsed? Usually it Will actually be used in Car maintenance artifact!