Car maintenance how to do? Old drivers: four large projects do not choose, are used to pit novice

vehicle maintenance and how to do? Old drivers: four large projects do not choose, are used to pit novice!

After you buy a Car, subsequent maintenance must be done, after all the Car like human beings, people need to go to hospital for check-ups, of course, the Car also needs regular maintenance, and found the problem to be able to extend the life of the Car. Especially for the price more expensive the Car, the more maintenance Is one thing that every vehicle owner very body center. Although Car maintenance can increase the life of the Car, but there are a lot of maintenance project costs are relatively high. If some project to do, then, Is not only costly but also not useful. Xiao Bian today to take stock of a few relatively tasteless maintenance project for everyone.

The first Is a tire, Car parts as the most frequent contact with the ground, Is essential for the Car. If you do Care, then, Will let you do tire, the tread polIshing and waxing let looks brand new. But even to do maintenance, it looks new, but tire wear Is there a way to eliminate, if you use a longer time, and the table Will be worn easily lead to relatively flat tire caused the accident. Doing so even more beautiful, to the time that the change or want to change? So thIs project Is not useful.

The second Is the air cleaning, every season Is going to be recommended by the 4s shop. If two or three months or so, the internal air-conditioning Will be some dirty things. If you do not clean it, it has a great influence on people. So 4s shop Will suggest that you have to do. In fact, thIs project Will be able to make ourselves at home, buy a cleaning agent, after spraying the air inlet, and then the outer loop Is open, and Will be able to handled exactly the same as the 4s shop.

The third project Is costly oil replacement. Generally run about 5,000 kilometers need to be replaced. But it does not represent all the Cars are so, some good quality oil Is not necessary to replace it so often. Even if the replacement Is very frequent, it may have a bad impact on the Car. So when we do thIs project, but also according to their actual circumstances.

The last Is a wash oil. 4s shop for more money, after traveling a twenty thousand kilometers let you cleaned once. It Is also a must-do project. In fact, you do not need thIs, about four kilometers and then clean up when not too late. Some things are not frequent enough, the number of times if you do more, but would have hurt the Car.

over these projects, suggest that you usually try not to do it. Some did not only not good for the Car, but Will also hurt the performance of the Car. Maintenance was supposed to prolong the life of the Car, but just the opposite of thIs. Do not know if you are doing maintenance to the Car when not “pit” over it? Welcome to interact and small series in the comments area.