Car maintenance how it correctly, Is to be phased in, you know?

Car Care how it correctly, Is to be phased in, you know?

Now almost everyone’s home Will have a Car, but the Car Is actually with people Is the same, at different stages, he has shown the demand Is different, thIs time on the need to different stages to maintenance and repair, the Car can make the situation better. We know how to go to the Car maintenance at different stages in it? Do you know where to focus their maintenance in it?

The first stage Is to buy a Car within a year. ThIs time the Car Is good on a new Car, the Car’s functions are relatively complete, in general, Will not have much of a problem, if there Is any problem you can basically feel that the Car Is not at thIs stage any major maintenance needs. Only the most routine maintenance, almost any major problems Will not happen, but at thIs stage, because thIs Is a new Car still in a period of transition, we must pay attention to safety when driving.

The second stage Is to buy a Car in three years time. When your Car to three years, the stage Is the place to do some special Care, but first of all to give him a big check, check what you want to check it? Advice Is to focus on checking the Car running with these safety-related projects, thIs Is a little sloppy, related to family life.

to be checked wiper, because when it rains wiper Is very important, if wiper Is broken, there may blur your eyes, so you mIsjudgment. There Is lighting, do not feel the light Is not important, experienced drivers know, the lights in the daily running Is very important, whether you are in a U-turn, turn, or other cases need to use lights to prompt, especially at night when the lights on if there Is no particular danger.

Another point Is that reversing radar, reversing radar, which Is used to alert the tail of the Car with us to ensure our safe dIstance behind the reverse, so make sure reversing radar working condition Is normal, do not think reversing radar Is a panacea, because if one day itFails, you might not have the right to judge dIstance. To check the engine after the engine for the Car, it Is super important, it Is an important component to ensure the smooth and normal running of the Car, then that Is the condition of the vehicle chassIs, tire, wheel tire Is a must when it comes to double-check the part, because the Car tires Is equivalent to the human foot, once the tire Is a problem, then there Is no way a normal Car driving, if the tire Is a slight problem, in fact it leads to increase our fuel consumption. Brake system. And must be checked, we must ensure the normal braking system, no brakes the Car does not work, because sometimes encountered directly on the brakes need to ensure safety. So be sure to remember to check Oh.

The third stage Is almost time for nearly five years. ThIs time the Car has been a break-in period, all aspects are better, they also use up more handy, then thIs stage what needs to maintain it? The first Is the brake pads, thIs time because of the time with the Car’s relatively long time, so it Is easy to brake pads are worn thin, Will not achieve the braking effect of the final damage other important parts of the Car. Another Is the fuel pump, in fact, do not have special consideration when the Car drove to a certain number of years, when the fuel pump should be cleaned, serious can choose to directly replaced. Shock absorbers may also need maintenance, if you find the Car during driving Is not very smooth, and there may be a problem shock absorber.

The fourth stage Is ten years, ten years for a Car, he has been relatively old, and maintenance of thIs time had to be more Careful, not to mention what but in all aspects, and after stopping before each departure must take the initiative to check, to avoid problems in the process of moving.

and Is about 15 years time, the problems and dangers are beginning to appear, if the situation of the Car particularly bad if the proposed direct scrapped, but if the Car Is still relatively good condition, then it must pay attention to the various components should be checked, to check the focus of power systems, water tanks, chassIs, tires, batteries and so on.


at all stages of maintenance needs attentionDo you understand? In fact, I think as long as a Car uses around about 15 years time, hIs life Is about it. But if the owner usually well maintained, then it used Will be more comfortable, not only can save a lot of maintenance costs, but also increase the life of the Car.