Car maintenance have the skills, do not be silly, “Fudge”, the maintenance of internal staff do not want to do

For many Car owners, Car maintenance thIs Issue has always been very concerned about the Issue, because the effective maintenance of our Cars Will be able to effectively reduce component wear our Car at the same time can slow down our Car use, indicating the most important thing Is that we can make travel more secure. But not all Care Is very good, and once again the maintenance man chat, maintenance man told me that there Is some maintenance of their own internal staff are not Willing to do.

Now the Car Is very common means of transport, but for Car maintenance thIs problem, but many people do not know how, but drove to 4s inside the shop to lIsten to other people’s arrangements, and even sometimes Will select some packages, we can see that from the outside, as if these packages are very cheap, but just because some people do not understand, he Is difficult to see the inside of the transmIssion of the dIsease for people who do understand the Car a 5,000 yuan maintenance, and can even save 3000 yuan Is no problem, there are some maintenance of our own hands Will be able to move easily resolved.

The first species Is to replace the parts. Such maintenance Is actually no technical content for older drivers do Care, then their staff may be very teachers our Car very well maintained, but the novice, they would run into each recommendation to you all kinds kind of service, or even require you to replace Car parts to know the Car accessories are very important, we must and our Car to match when replacing, but there are some parts that he did not have any problems, but at work under persuade people, you also do not understand, so white spent odds.

The second type Is clean oil. Now the oil needs to be done to clean up the Car Is not much, because we use the Car when gasoline hesitate no complete combustion, Will produce some Carbon, attached to the cylinder of the engine, while there Will be some impurities after combustion and waste in the process of exclusion of the Car Will remain inside the Car, but thIs Is a very common phenomenon, for many Cars are there for thIs phenomenon, such as after the popularity of ethanol gasoline, oil itself has a clean effect, does not affect its normal use. But for people who do not know, when we went to the Car for repair, others Will give you sell thIs oil cleanup said that the Car has a very big advantage, but sometimes he only has no benefit , it Will bring some harm.

our Car maintenance and repair time, especially when replacement parts, Is also required customers to agree to sign, then in fact, which we 4s shop when maintenance Is to have some replacement parts are hidden, we do not be routine, so all of us in the Car when we must master the maintenance parts and maintenance of the knowledge of the Car, do not be fooled by others, said change on the change. In our knowledge manual Auto parts and maintenance inside, there Is a reasonable time and replacement parts, we must be familiar with the master, usually the oil Is then replaced, the filter in two years or 20,000 kilometers later Is 10,000 kilometers, transmIssion oil 150,000 km less than 4 mm brake pads, spark plug 5 to 80,000 kilometers tire 5 years 5 years to replace the belt, although these are not specific, but it Is also a very effective parameter values, so we Do not be 4S shop staff are fooled, must be selected according to their own Car situation.