Car maintenance five tips, do not ask the old driver, a look Will be able to solve the problem!

now in terms of words, many of our friends have already bought their Cars, but actually speaking to hIs Car, then many of our friends are not clear, after all, now many people buy a Car , while the real people who understand the Car Is very less. So today small words but also to share with you a few maintenance tips, do not ask older drivers to see to be able to solve the problem!

First, washing with soap leather seat

can say leather seats it Is afraid scratch hard objects, fear of corrosion and chemical cleaning agent, it can be said with a caustic selected, then only an extremely small transparent decontamination effect Is very good, and the surface after drying soft and shiny. Specific to hIs approach, then, then that Is soaked in warm water with a clean soft towel in soap right amount of play in the towel and wipe the seat, if if the towel Is dirty, then it proves reminders logIstics remarkable effect.

Second, by removing scratches toothpaste

So in general it our Car Will always emerge debut scratches, the scratches basically, then, for some of the terms we often rubs owners are very normal. For some obsessive-compulsive dIsorder owners concerned, such a situation there Is no way acceptable, they Will choose to go to beauty shop Car wax, but actually speaking it Is not a very appropriate choice. So we can choose to use toothpaste polIshed to remove minor scratches effect, and Is very good.

Third, the sticker Is removed Fengyoujing

So in examined on the front windshield, if if the next words are not easy to remove, so that you can easily revealed after we use the wind spirits were stone, without leaving any traces. ThIs kind of thing, then, applies to all kinds of stickers trademark on goods, which Is the reason, then, Is the active ingredient can be dIssolved Fengyoujing stickers. If we do not wind spirits, it Is possible to use instead of toothpaste but the effect Will be worse.

Fourth, select a suitable way to speed

In general, then, the Car empty Carrier or load Is small, the direct use of two-speed start, then, can be quickly washed rapidly pushed above 3000 revolutions third gear, then rushed over 3000 rpm. In thIs case, we can be the fastest increase speed, then the vehicle Will generally lag behind you, calmly switching fourth gear, fifth gear, then also very comfortable. But in fact speaking, such an approach if there Is a vehicle gains some damage, in fact, we can in some cases to hurry to leave directly choose thIs method, for example, we should hurry to leave the Cart around with you, you can use such method.

V. tire maintenance Is particularly important

can be said for the Car in terms of tires a very important part, because it Is as the only contact point between the Car and the ground. Can say that thIs part Is a very important part of our Cars, in our daily lives, we must pay attention to the maintenance and testing of Car tires. And in everyday life, we also want to clean the tires, do not let too much one, so also a protection against the tire. If he Is really a problem if the tire bulge crack, then please change the tire, or really there may be a traffic accident.

Read the above five tips when the words, ladies and gentlemen Is not for Car maintenance with a new perspective of it? Then you may wIsh to stay in the views and opinions in the comments section.