Car maintenance fear pit? You have to pay attention to these things

Car Is a very complex machinery as a whole, but also each of our family an indIspensable means of transport. While the Car Is running in various mechanical parts Will inevitably wear, coupled with the impact of external factors of human and environment, likely to cause the loss of the Car, so we need to be effective Car maintenance.

But in fact, ground maintenance Will not equal maintenance, excessive and improper Care can sometimes cause counterproductive. Normal maintenance of the vehicle related to the life and safety of passenger vehicle drivers. If maintenance or improper use can cause vehicle breakdown, a security rIsk.

Here we have to talk about those things about Car maintenance:

1, using Car tires Notes

We all know that tires It Is an expensive thing, and life of the tire, and the driver’s daily driving habits, tires and other aspects related to routine maintenance. First, to develop good driving habits. At the start too fast, the drive wheels Will slip relative to the ground, accelerate tire wear.

try to avoid emergency braking, emergency braking Will not only exacerbate tire wear, but also easily lead to tire burst and unglued. The reasonable control of the speed, the higher the speed, the greater the tire when the Cars by the impact force, the shorter the life of the tire. Control tire temperature, weather or at high temperatures for a long time with the Car, should pay attention to check the temperature of the tire, the tire temperature Is too high when found, should be temporary rest stop.

2, a Car air conditioner Maintenance

Check the condenser, the radiator and the cooler whether clogging. These parts have to clogging, causes high side pressure of the refrigeration cycle increases, clogging blowing with compressed air or pressure water rinse.

Also, check the windshield in front of the air inlet gate, timely removal of debrIs, to ensure that the clean air entering the air conditioning system. Holding the air blowing passage of the air inlet filter cleaning.

into the air in the compartment to be filtered through the air inlet filter, the filter and therefore always check Is blocked by dust and debrIs and clean, to ensure a sufficient intake air amount, prevent the evaporator core air channel blocking effects blowing amount. General inspection once every week.

Car maintenance Is very important, we need to spend a lot of time and effort. Compared maintenance Car, learn some simple maintenance tips and more practical. Because the Car Is assembled from a large number of devices, so inevitably there are always some problems.

no major problems have minor problems, like people, often some minor problems, you can not go to the hospital, they used physical therapy to resolve. Not life but always torment you. The Car also has some minor problems, you can not go to 4S shop, do it yourself can be resolved.

3, with regard to maintenance errors

Sometimes we always take it for granted that, in fact, sometimes, you just thought you thought of. About Car repair, there are many errors. For example, the tire nut oil, we believe that Cars and bicycles as both require a little oil, to prevent rust.

maintenance, many people in order to prevent rust on the wheel bolt and nut, the bolt and nut are ingenuity installation greased, like our bicycles, we fear drive chain rust, I do not know that thIs approach Is not only wrong, but also bring some rIsks to road safety.

After lubricating the nut on the tire when the Car at high speed, it Is easy to loose bolts and nuts and even fall off, causing traffic accidents, the consequences could be dIsastrous. Therefore, in order to prevent accidents, you do not tire in nut oil.

4, how to prevent failure

If you want to talk about the prevention of failure, then, when the vehicle reaches a certain mileage, you must remember to replace the fragile Auto parts-related, at least have Truck remember to bring spares. If the belt breaks when driving process Chiang Kai-shek, then easily broke the engine, so it Is still early replacement Is better.

Further, as the engine fan belts and belt, usually pay attention to if the inspection and timely replacement, failure can be avoided. When a damaged shock absorber needs to be replaced, the vehicle Is running, Will sound unusual, but can barely exercIse a certain mileage, and Will not suddenly can not travel. ComprIsing a stopper piece and a tire according to the timely replacement naturally wear. Anomalies

5, glitches occur during driving

In the driving process, such as failure of the vehicle, there Will generally be able to perceive, Such as the Carburetor or oil pipe joints, it Will be obvious smell than conventional gasoline; or engine water pump bearing little damage, also prior abnormal sound;

In It found to have abnormal sound when driving, when the slow sounds more clearly evident, there may be no time to repair the wheel nuts tightened well, leading to a loosening of a tire. Therefore, when the vehicle travels must find out the cause if found abnormal sound or abnormal phenomenon, so they are not major problems.

refers to regular maintenance of Automotive parts inspection, cleaning, supplies, lubrication,, cooling systems, fuel systems, power steering systems and other maintenance range.


Car maintenance Is to keep the Car clean and tidy, normal technical condition, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent malfunction, slow down the degradation process, extend the life cycle. Vehicle maintenance means that when the Car fails, the failure Will not allow timely treatment failure deterioration, so that small problems become big problems. If maintenance, proper maintenance can reduce a lot of trouble, and economic investment.