Car maintenance errors, you know a few?

add oil

Car maintenance errors, you know a few? Most of all vehicle maintenance Is the replacement of oil, in the end how long oil changes? What kind of oil change? Many people are still confused, you must be sure to change the oil giant genuine choice, select the appropriate level, now mostly Four Seasons General oil, such as 5w30, front w the smaller the number, indicating that the oil flow at low temperature the better, lower temperature adaptation, w behind the larger the number, to adapt to higher temperatures! Semi-synthetic oil change Is recommended in 5000-7000, fully synthetic motor oil Is recommended to replace 10,000 kilometers. Genuine manufacturers must select

antifreeze tank cap

It should also be additional reasons for replacement depends on a Car, if the Car harsh environments such as construction sites and other more dust, oil changes recommended in advance, if the Car environment Is good, can be a little delayed, but note the time, if not a year by Car, the Car did not run, but also the need to replace oil! Antifreeze replacement, family Cars are usually two or forty thousand kilometers replace the antifreeze, which Is the reference value, based on the strength of their own Car to determine if the Car intensity, can be replaced in advance, within the time limit if the replacement antifreeze reduced by more than lowest warning level, should add the same brand of the same type of antifreeze and can not mix add! It should also be noted that local minimum temperature to select the appropriate model!

Brake fluid

Brake oil level possible. It’s working brake pressure Is generally high 2MPa up to 4 ~ 5MPa, brake fluid Is recommended for three years or forty thousand kilometers replace, if the Car humid environment, the proposed replacement in advance! Brake oil perIshable long time, absorb moIsture from the air, reduce traffic safety.


seemingly normal washing operation in fact simple, in order to ensure lasting gloss finIsh, it Is necessary to work hard in the Car wash down, choose a more regular Car wash Will be more conducive to the maintenance of normal Car washProcess, for spraying off so that dust such as sand, water spray, water wax decontamination, water spray, wiping, dry, blowing. Roadside Car wash stall Is cheap but save a lot of things to finIsh, the test Is complete, if you often go to the Car wash roadside stalls at night with bright flashlight illuminated the body, you Will find changes in the paint, and quickly try it !

vehicle chassIs

a place vehicle chassIs Is also a lot of people do not pay attention, and drove for a few years, it began to appear abnormal sound, creak creak very annoying, if you usually pay attention to maintenance of the chassIs Will not be so, there are a lot of rubber chassIs wearing parts, long time Will deformation aging, needs to be replaced, and if there are underpinning daily, chassIs scraping must pay attention to check the chassIs, scrape abrasion to prevent rust primer rust caused trouble! These very common thing but it Is easier to be a lot of people overlook, Car maintenance, how do you see?