Car maintenance errors, these owners do pay attention!

Now many families have a Car of their own. In order to keep the groomed hIs Car, then the Car to do routine maintenance Is essential. For Car washing, waxing beauty, replace the oil, film, etc., are in order to extend the life of the Car, a good starting point but the result Is not necessarily good. Today we talk about the problems of daily keep a Car that need attention.

Many love the clean Car owner always wash their Car, which also need attention. If the frequency of washing, then the vehicle but Is not good, often washing Will accelerate the oxidation of Car paint. Usually when the Car can take their own towel to wipe dust, remember to use fine fiber towels Oh. No need to go to the Car wash less frequently. Also note that when another Car wash water gun Is not too much pressure. OtherwIse the paint Will have a certain degree of damage.

as well as in the maintenance paint owners also have cognitive errors, that the waxing a Car or the Car Will make plating seed even more new, but it Is to be noted that cycle. So do not go right Car washing, Car washing also used to waxing. ThIs Is not good, waxing can play three or four times a year, often waxing if the paint Is not very good.

Some owners also believe antifreeze, glass of water, oil, liquid plus the better, and thIs Is wrong. Like for example a glass of water, antifreeze, while not expensive, but also pay attention to the amount of added time, Careful observation tick, do not add too much. The other Is the question of oil, if the oil, then add too much can cause combustion chamber deposits increases, the output power of the engine Is reduced, impact on emIssions.

high and low tire pressure Is also worth noting that the problem Is too high tire pressure Will affect our normal driving safety, cause unnecessary trouble. High tire pressure reduces the contact area with the ground, affect the braking effect of the brake, low tire pressure which influences the fuel consumption and tire wear. Tire pressure level of intake follow manufacturer standards, the vehicle generally refer to specific values.

Finally, a common fuel problems, some people think certainly if the burningOil labels the higher the better, ah, thIs Is the wrong idea. The less fuel oil grade does not mean good or bad, it just represents the level of octane only, or to say that the higher the grade of gasoline or impurities in the pure understanding Is wrong. Own Car specific number of how much oil to add, thIs Is generally covered in a standard oil. Note that just fine.