Car maintenance errors, let alone a novice do not know, even many older drivers are often guilty!

going to buy a Car maintenance, repair cooked-thirds saying seven support, the importance of vehicle maintenance and vIsible. Car as usual modern family life vehicles, their Careful maintenance, not only can it continue to work for us, more importantly, avoid unnecessary security rIsks. To raIse on behalf of repair, then Is not wrong, but how to keep a Car it Is correct, errors vehicle maintenance, let alone a novice do not know, even many older drivers are often guilty!

Some Car owners prefer to bring a few towels lorry, when the Car was found after the timely removal of ash. ThIs sense of clean vehicles at any time Is good, but the method Is not correct. Because, when the dusty surface of the Car when the direct wipe with a towel, and use sandpaper to clean the Car direct effect almost regardless with a wet towel or dry towel Is the same.

Some people in order to maintain the brightness of the vehicle body, regular Car wax Will make the paint looks very bright. In fact, too often to the Car waxing, it Will damage the Car body, the Car body becomes black. So do not always give the Car waxing, waxing on it in a timely manner. In fact, to the Car waxing, in the south where more rain, waxing can be relatively more, because rainwater contains large amounts of acidic substances. The north Car there Is no need frequent waxing.

We all know that extremes meet the truth Is that things Will be transformed to an extreme in the opposite direction. Some people like the Car Is very tight bolts, tighten feel a little better, but if you twIst too tightly, but Will make the connection permanent deformation under the action of external forces. So do not tighten the bolts to the Car, extremes meet ah.

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the engine oil sump, inadequate lubrication, increased friction, damage to the engine; however, if too much oil, the engine crankshaft during operation handle , connecting rod big end Will produce severe agitation, the engine work instability, but also due to Jijian oil on the cylinder wall, resulting in burning row of oil failure, under certain circumstances may also be dangerous. Thus, the oil should control the dipstick between the high and low score lines Is appropriate.