Car maintenance dry, do not lIsten to no brain maintenance recommended 4S shop!


Wen Shu Qu Wenkai

With the continuous economic development and people’s consumption upgrade, Car ownership Is growing, people and Cars, are increasingly the more closely. However, when you buy your favorite models, maintenance has become a big problem. For ordinary people, for Automotive technology, understand the structure of the very few, and with the media innovation, people also began to have some understanding of the Car. About Car maintenance, most people know little and big insurance protection. Little do they know the specific content of the maintenance and replacement of components, as well as the different elements of the project content any different, so today we have to chat with you those things Automotive maintenance.

First of all, we say it Is routine maintenance, Is just two days before I go 4S shop to do the maintenance. The maintenance of content Is just a routine little maintenance. For ordinary family Cars, the main maintenance projects engine oil change, oil filters, transmIssion oil, spark plugs, air filter, air cleaner, brake fluid and the like. Not every Care Will replace these, but depending on their life situation with your Car. And each maintenance, the project Is necessary to change the oil. Oil Is divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil, synthetic motor oils are divided into fully synthetic and semi-synthetic, fully synthetic motor oil Is the highest level. Change the oil should refer to the user manual of the vehicle, as recommended by the specification to replace. Note that when the oil filter machines were replaced. Mineral oil 5000 km or replaced every 6 months; 8000-10000 km or synthetic oil be replaced every eight months. Of course, thIs part of the replacement of standard frequency average Car, you can be adjusted according to their Car usage and operating conditions.

In addition to oil, the rest of the necessary items Is three filters, and these are vehicles consumables, their properties and gasoline Is the same. Need to say here three filter, three filter means Automotive air filters, oil filters and fuel filters, their role definition, Is filtered into the purge gas and any liquid inside the Automobile engine, thereby the engine play a protective role, but also can improve the efficiency of the engine. There are a lot of people mIsunderstand the air filter and air-conditioning filter, confuse the two, actually two parts.

and in the maintenance of time, similar-looking thing Is actually another article, it took the air filter air filter at different price points What difference does it make? It took three non-air filter 20 and the store 4S filter 100 Is compared. For the air filter 20, the above production date Is not marked, so even if the stock Is to buy goods, we do not know, and in the end was three years ago or yesterday. Apart from thIs, the cottage products 20 on the product packaging intentions are not enough, some printed word there are some problems. From the product point of view, filter above 20 dollars on a simple and crude, more than 100 dollars of hot melt adhesive Cartridge to be very Careful, and a little more refined. Torn through the various test run, the effect of the air filter 20 Is poor. Although it belongs to consumables, but save the money really sometimes may outweigh the benefits.

In general, the filter 100 while five times more expensive, on a lot better in all aspects. When we buy a Car we Will not differ that 80 dollars, afraid to dig 100 to buy 20. Therefore, it Is recommended that you go to 4S shop for maintenance, although not 100% complete substitution does not appear any thing, but relatively speaking, Will fly more than a lot of maintenance works.