Car maintenance cycle you really know what

Car maintenance you really know it? Automobile to millions of households, we do a lot of spending on Cars, but Car maintenance costs really necessary to have it? Here we look together with Car maintenance.

Car maintenance There are two concepts : a maintenance Is fixed; the other Is needed maintenance. Fixed maintenance it should be very understanding that by the number of kilometers of years to decide whether to Carry out maintenance.

The main demand and we talk about maintenance, on-demand maintenance Is in accordance with the use of Auto parts to determine the need for maintenance. That we want to ask, how do I know my Car accessories and how the situation like it. Very simple! That give you a few examples.

Car maintenance items: oil service brake transmIssion fluid maintenance fluid maintenance air filter air filter maintenance Care and maintenance of the brake after the brake maintenance before the spark plug maintenance fuel filter maintenance.

so much maintenance project I need to do it? no! Oil service: If the last maintenance due to travel a few kilometers, then the next maintenance must follow the prompts to vehicle maintenance, if the last maintenance Is not open because after a long shelf life of one year only to the maintenance, then thIs maintenance can extend 500-1000 km (note that thIs maintenance Is not only because the shelf life of the maintenance, the need to maintain shelf life).

other maintenance items you can follow their trip next month to arrange. I probably fall into two categories: 1, 2 taking a trip, urban excursions.

holiday Is coming, under the condition that the Car in front of the concerned want to go out traveling by Car (1000 km), to avoid unnecessary trouble for himself. Key inspection and maintenance information, check the tires, brake pads, brake fluid. In addition to maintenance demand Will inevitably conduct a full vehicle inspection. Maintenance of the tire into three categories: the first wear limit

Such a drainage performance of the tire has decreased friction properties

The second tire injury

After the bulge segment split ply tire reduced reliability

The first three kinds of tire aging

after aging the tire friction reducing reliability

maintenance brake pad into two categories: excessive wear, single Cornering wear (uneven wear requires professionals to check one side).

Maintenance of the brake fluid only one, relatively strong water-absorbing brake fluid, longer time excessive water absorption Will turn black, and affect the braking effect. These items must be checked before taking a trip are maintained (other projects need professional technician demolition inspection).

in general Is driving children to commute or short trips in urban areas, according to their own wIshes to ensure that the oil does not exceed the mileage maintenance intervals of not less than the thickness of the brake pads limit. You can continue driving. After all, what Is the problem in the urban areas can be easily solved. In particular, it Will not bring much harm.

If the occasional high-speed driving, the vehicle according to the standard recommended maintenance vehicle taking a trip state again to ensure the best performance of the vehicle.