Car maintenance cycle you know how many?

more and more people buy Cars, but many people are unaware of Car Care, take Care when a lot of detours, spent a lot of time and money, just recently heard Some riders asked Xiao Bian, said hIs Car was run 30,000 kilometers, Auto 4S shop called me, let him do major maintenance, I believe many of the riders heard the Car Will go, right?

In fact, like a new Car, then, if it Is running 30,000 km of Car, generally do not have any problem, we only need to change the oil on it ! As an old driver, be sure to know the cycle Car maintenance, we do not know the riders Will learn, and share following a few maintenance knowledge to everyone, I hope for your help.

1, like a Car engine oil, and if you usually mineral oil Is added, replaced every 5,000 kilometers. If it Is a semi-synthetic oil, about 7500 km, or replaced every six months or so, if fully synthetic motor oil, about 10,000 km or replaced every year.

2, transmIssion oil Car with a manual transmIssion Car, it Is generally replaced once in about 50,000 km to 60,000 km, if the Automatic Car , in 60000-80000 km replacement time.

3, Automobile brake fluid, usually about two years, or replaced every 50,000 km.

4, Automobile antifreeze every two years or 40,000 km replacement.

5, the Car’s power steering oil changed once in every three years or 60,000 kilometers, electronic power if it Is, then you do not need the maintenance.

These maintenance knowledge you know it? Remember, then, we can see more map on the table, you Will need them later.