Car maintenance cycle schedule differences in different periods actually so much!

to the Car to do maintenance there are several key time. Some people in order to make Cars and new, did not take long to do maintenance, and some people in order to save money, after a long time to go to the Car to do maintenance. Both practices are wrong, you should go for maintenance to the Car at the right time. Then the key Automotive maintenance time what Is it? Xiaobian take you to look at it.

1, Car maintenance

Some people just bought the Car after the Car did not go to maintenance, think not necessary. In fact, the new Car Is most in need of maintenance, because the Car just bought a Car when the situation best when it Is run-in period with your Car. If you have any fatal vehicle quality problems, basically it can be found in a short time.

If there Is no quality problem, then the excellent condition of the vehicle at thIs stage, as long as routine maintenance, basically not a problem. So in less than three months after a new Car or buy a Car a few kilometers has reached five thousand kilometers, you Will go for maintenance to the Car, so the Car has any problems can be found as soon as possible.

2, within three to five years after the Car bought

three years of junior high school and high school years are a people are more critical period, as it relates to test high school and university entrance exam. Similarly, the three five years Is relatively critical period after the Car to buy, Is the critical period of maintenance. Because in recent years the consumption of the Car Is relatively large, if thIs time Is not properly maintained, then the Car may not be long before the open.

like cell phones, if I bought the last two years do not take Care of maintenance, then the mobile phone Will soon be reimbursed. Car maintenance three to five years, we pay particular attention to the maintenance wiper after the buy, lights, engine compartment projects, vehicle chassIs condition, tire, brake system components, fuel pump and damper, these components are more important Car parts, be sure to take good Care of.

3 Car bought six to ten years

We all know that love and marriage seven-year itch, Car as well. Six to ten years after the Car has been bought on the decline of the Automobile, and people entering old age, there Will certainly be a serious illness like a small dIsaster. So thIs time, we should strengthen the maintenance of the Car, regular replacement of wearing parts, repair stations or from time to time to check the condition conservation center, must do a routine inspection before and after each departure and park maintenance work. If thIs period, you do not always give the Car to do maintenance, it Is very prone to accidents.

critical time these Car maintenance, we must remember Oh.